White Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Sessions #3: Kit Dale




Our guest for the third installment of White Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Sessions, is the hilarious (and technically savvy) Kit Dale.


“My name is Kit Dale, I’m 27 and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Team Checkmat. I teach BJJ out of Melbourne, Australia at In2fitness Platinum Gym and I am also a full time competitor. I compete not only Australia wide but also around the world. I have been training BJJ for around the last 5 years and it has been the most life changing experience and it continues to do so. BJJ isn’t just a sport it’s a lifestyle and has helped me fine tune and excel in different areas of my life also. Here are some of my BJJ credentials: 2x World Pro BJJ champion, Brazilian National Champion, Asian Open Champion, Bull Terrior Copa Champion, 2X Silver World Pro Jiu Jitsu, Pan American Bronze, 14X Pan Pacific Champion, 9X Australian National Champion.” – via kitdalebjj.com


Below is a recent Kite Dale skit that went viral across Brazilian Jiu Jitsu social media outlets.


Needless to say, it gives us tremendous pleasure to bring you, Kit Dale.


WBBJJ: What brought you to BJJ?

Kit Dale: I started BJJ after watching the UFC with my cousin. We started practising in his lounge room floor. It was awkward rolling in his lounge room with his girlfriend and baby watching us, so we found a local MMA school RPI Academy and that was what started the fire for me.


WBBJJ: In your experience what should lower belts do more of/less of?

Kit Dale: More studying of the game and less emphasis on techniques. To elaborate on that, become a student and fan of the sport. So you start learning to read jiu Jitsu from an early standpoint. And to not worry so much about having the perfect tech but to understand the concept and meaning of it.


WBBJJ: If you could go back in time and give “white belt” Kit Dale guidance, what advice would you give the “white belt you”?

Kit Dale: I would tell him to stop worrying about his hair. Bald is the new black. To stop playing football earlier. And to do less drilling and more timing and strategy training.


WBBJJ: For you what’s been the hardest part of the journey?

Kit Dale: Competing for sure. Training for self defence or fitness is one thing but Competing is tough especially when you come from a country that has no high Level competitors to train with or learn from. I had to battle a lot of demons and over come fears to get to where I am.


WBBJJ: In tough times what had helped you get through and allowed you to persevere?

Kit Dale: My belief system. I always believed I can achieve anything I want. And I never let myself become a victim to circumstance.


WBBJJ: If you weren’t doing this what would you do?

Kit Dale: Probably modelling, maybe a high class escort for rich ladies. I dunno but what ever it would be it would be fun.


WBBJJ: What do you tell someone who says they want to do BJJ and then gives the standard excuses, time, money, etc?

Kit Dale: I don’t tell them anything. I would rather talk to people who are willing to make the effort. I have time for anybody who is serious about wanting to achieve goals, and I don’t want to waist my advice on people who don’t make an effort or don’t listen.


WBBJJ: Favorite activity besides BJJ?

Kit Dale: I like gaming for sure, I’m a big time nerd, or painting, anything artistic or interesting. I love weird shit!


WBBJJ: What’s on your iPod?

Kit Dale: A bit of everything. The shit I listen to before competing is usually some whacked out romantic song or something, I like to be as relaxed as I can so I choose something that takes me away from the stresses of competing.


WBBJJ: What was the last movie you watched?

Kit Dale: 47 Ronin, and boy do I regret that. I’d rather watch classy grappler hop into a tumble dryer and blow himself then that shit movie!


WBBJJ: If you could train with someone living or dead who would that be?

Kit Dale: Joe Rogan, that dude would be awesome to hang out and shoot the shit with.


WBBJJ: Any final thoughts?

Kit Dale: I’m pretty hungry at the moment so food is up there. But if anyone enjoys my weird humor or tips please subscribe to my website www.kitdalebjj.com for all my advice on BJJ and in life . Thanks for the time guys. Take it easy. And if it’s easy, take it home! Ossssss


This is the philosophy that helped Kit get his BJJ Black Belt in only 4 years!


I hope you all enjoyed the interview!


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