Dana White: “Georges St. Pierre And Michael Bisping Ain’t Happening”


The MMA world was lit with excitement to see the return of UFC legend Georges St. Pierre after a 3 year hiatus. Unfortunately Dana White announced today that not only was the fight not happening, but it’s never going to happen.


“That ain’t happening. No Way. We’re moving on. Listen, I’ve been waiting for GSP for 3 years, I’m not waiting another however many months. Um, we’re moving on so whenever GSP comes back whether it’s November, December, next year…He’s going to have to start looking at other 185 lb or other 170 lb’ers. Nope. that ship has sailed.


Dana kind of plays it off as if it was no big deal but the UFC has definitely already invested a significant sum of money into ths fight (which is never going to happen). They even held a press conference for it. It was entertaining and made me kind of want to see it go down.




Stay tuned in to find out what is next for GSP and Michael Bisping individually.




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