This Is Why Conor McGregor Will Make $100,000,000.00+ From Mayweather Fight


The thorn in the side of every UFC fighter’s wallet will not have any effect on Conor McGregor’s fight purse against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.


Sorry Reebok your greedy little hands get NOTHING off this fight (unless they up their ante).


According to Conor’s manager, Conor will be able to represent any sponsor that offers the highest bid. He could come out in Nike boxing shorts if the price is right!


Because of this masterfully negotiated contract, Conor will easily bring home a 9 figure purse. At the end of the day he might make in excess of half a billion. Don’t sleep on this guy.


He was on welfare just a few short years ago, Look what he has accomplished. That law of attraction stuff really works if you put its principles to work!


Skip to 14:20 to get directly to the conversation about the sponsorship deal!


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