Gi Jiu Jitsu Techniques Modified For Street Fighting




Gi Jiu Jitsu Techniques Modified For Street Fighting


Can some traditional Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques be modified to be useful in a street fight or self-defense situation? The answer is yes.


The first video is a great prelude that went viral when it was released. Following that are some videos by Draculino Team X members who have actually gone about modifying some Jiu Jitsu techniques that can be performed using an opponent’s t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, etc.





The last video below is from UFC veteran Alan Belcher’s YouTube page.



After watching these what do you think? Is it viable to investigate the possibilities of using someone’s street clothing against them, in terms of self-defense?


5 Ways To Escape Being Stuck In Side Control




5 Ways To Escape Being Stuck In Side Control


One of the most difficult positions for White Belts to deal with is being stuck in side control (side mount). I can’t tell you how many times I have seen two White Belts rolling. Combatant “A” breaks open Combatant “B”‘s guard and passes to side control. The rest of the round usually takes place with Combatant “A” trying to figure a way to submit Combatant “B” as Combatant “B” squirms about trying to survive.


The worst part is that the White Belt on top is often afraid to move to the mount position, out of fear of not being able to continue controlling their opponent. I have seen it in the gym and in competition.


So what can we do to help the person who is constantly getting stuck in side control? The answer is, to teach them how to escape effectively. Below are 5 different escapes that you can use to get your way out of any side control predicament.


This first video is the most basic and the one you should focus on the most.






Hope that these videos were helpful! If you have any other questions please let us know.


Jiu Jitsu Takedowns Starting From The Knees




Jiu Jitsu Takedowns Starting From The Knees


Oftentimes when we practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we begin the rounds on our knees. There are two main reasons why we sometimes start in this fashion:


Safety: Starting from the knees helps to prevent injuries. If you aren’t experienced being thrown in BJJ you can land incorrectly and hurt yourself, sometimes seriously.


Time: We want to get going with our ground fighting as soon as possible. When you start on the feet time is eaten up getting the fight to the ground where we thrive.


Not knowing how to start out can be frustrating for White Belts. Many Blue Belts can also benefit from these videos. They have certainly helped me. After watching the 6 videos below should be more than ready to mount an offensive at your next BJJ class against your unsuspecting teammates!








Hope this post was helpful for you! Good luck with your BJJ journey!


Roberto Cyborg teaches Drills for Inverting in BJJ




Roberto Cyborg teaches Drills for Inverting in BJJ

Roberto Cyborg Abreu shows some simple progression drills for going inverted in BJJ. Check out his online training academy website at



The ability to invert goes a long way in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Just ask this student of Cyborg’s.



Also, if you love Jiu Jitsu and haven’t watched the video below before, it is a must see!



Looking super-forward to seeing Cyborg and his tornado skills take on “The Warmaster” Josh Barnett at Metamoris VI, May 9th!


Clark Gracie Shows Guard Replacement And Sweep




Clark Gracie and Adem Redzovic are back at it again! This is a great technique for white belts because it can oft times prove difficult bridging and creating space when you don’t have the underhook in half guard.


We practice this frequently at my academy. We call it the “Life Saver” to help us reference the move, because it can truly be just that when you are getting smashed and passed.



Here is the “Open Guard Translated” video that Clark and Adem are referencing. It is truly one of my favorite technique videos. I can assure you that if you haven’t seen it yet, that it will help your BJJ game.



White Belt Gold! 70 “BJJ Basics” Techniques In 26 Minutes.




White Belt Gold! 70 “BJJ Basics” Techniques In 26 Minutes.



This video eliminates the talking and gets right down to business! This is truly a valuable reference resource for any of us coming up through the BJJ ranks. Thanks to Vanderson Pires Jiu Jitsu Team of Wellington, New Zealand for putting this together!


Techniques include
#1 Classic/Basic pass guard 00:08
#2 Pass partners guard from standing 00:37
#3 Matador pass 01:12
#4 From half guard – pass into mount 01:21
#5 From half guard – pass into kesa gatame 01:50
#6a From guard – arm bar 02:50
#6b From guard – arm bar defense 03:08
#7a From guard – kimura 03:34
#7b From guard – kimura defense 03:48
#8a From guard – omoplata 04:03
#8b From guard – omoplata defense 1 04:27
#8c From guard – omoplata defense 2 04:53
#9a From guard – triangle 05:18
#9b From guard – triangle defense 1 05:38
#9c From guard – triangle defense 2 06:02
#10a From guard – cross choke 06:26
#10b From guard – cross choke defense 06:43
#11a Foot lock from standing 06:59
#11b Foot lock defense 07:16
#12a From mount – ezekiel choke 07:33
#12b From mount – ezekiel choke defense 07:49
#13a From mount – arm bar 08:04
#13b From mount – arm bar defense 08:26
#14a From mount — americana 08:58
#14b From mount – americana defense 09:21
#15a From mount – cross choke 09:34
#15b From mount – cross choke defense 09:52
#16 From knee ride – arm bar 10:14
#17 From knee ride – cross choke 10:33
#18 From side control – arm bar 10:51
#19 From side control – cross choke 11:08
#20 From side control – americana 11:31
#21 From side control – escape to your turtle 11:44
#22 From side control – re-establish guard 12:05
#23 From side control – upa 12:22
#24 Bridge and Roll defense from kesa gatame 12:52
#25 From partners turtle — clock choke 13:20
#26 From partners turtle — crucifix 13:45
#27 From partners turtle — rolling choke 14:09
#28 From your turtle — omoplata 14:36
#29 From your turtle — take the back 14:56
#30 From your turtle — reversal/inverse 15:13
#31 Sweep from guard — scissor 15:33
#32 Sweep from guard — kimura 15:56
#33 Sweep from guard — pendulum 16:17
#34 Sweep from guard — double leg reap 16:38
#35 Sweep from guard — balloon 17:06
#36 Sweep from guard — omoplata to sofa 17:30
#37 From butterfly guard — hug sweep 17:57
#38 Basic delariva sweep 18:25
#39 Sweep from guard — knee squeeze 18:48
#40 From your half guard — under hook sweep 19:13
#41 From your half guard — grab the foot sweep 19:45
#42a1 Judo takedown — kouchi gari 20:15
#42a2 Judo takedown — deashi harai 20:28
#42a3 Judo takedown — tomoe nage 20:43
#42a4 Judo takedown — uchi mata 20:57
#42a5 Judo takedown — ippon seionage 21:11
#42a6 Judo takedown — kata guruma 21:25
#42a7 Judo takedown — morote seionage 21:42
#42a8 Judo takedown — tai toshi 22:00
#42a9 Judo takedown — o-uchi gari 22:14
#42a10 Judo takedown — o-goshi 22:29
#42a11 Judo takedown — o-soto gari 22:44
#42b Biana/Double leg take down 22:58
#42c Single leg take down 23:16
#S1 Self defense – double hand choke 23:40
#S2 Self defense – one wrist grabbed 23:48
#S3 Self defense – bear hug from front 23:58
#S4 Self defense – bear hug from back 24:18
#S5 Self defense – standing rear naked choke 24:56
#S6 Self defense – standing guillotine 25:10
#S7a Self defense – back on wall double hand choke 25:35
#S7b Self defense – back on wall single hand choke 25:48