Gabi Garcia Interview – Gracie Hangout Episode 2




Gabi Garcia Interview – Gracie Hangout Episode 2



Cesalina Gracie: Gabi we’re here having breakfast. Everyone at home is very curious as to what you eat.


Gabi Garcia: Breakfast is the most important meal of my day. I’m gone for most of the day so it’s the meal that will sustain me throughout the day. I don’t feel hungry in the mornings but it’s the meal that I eat most carbs and it’s when I eat better to be honest because at night my diet is much more restricted. So my breakfast is basically what you are seeing here today.


Cesalina Gracie: You’ve lost a lot of weight recently. What is your secret? Please tell me! I’m going to a wedding next week and want to look good!


Gabi Garcia: I’ve lost 88 pounds in total. If you want something really bad and you focus on it you will achieve it.


Cesalina Gracie: How do you control your anxiety during competitions? We tend to eat more during those times. Do you still get nervous before a fight?


Gabi Garcia: That’s a question that no one asks me. People think that I enter the mats knowing that I am going to win. I have lost many times. When you know how bitter a defeat tastes, you never want to feel it again.


Cesalina Gracie: Any plans on fighting MMA?


Gabi Garcia: I’m ready to fight MMA.


Cesalina Gracie: Do you have any fights scheduled? Come on, share it with us.


Gabi Garcia: It’s pretty much scheduled. By July I want to have done my first fight.


Cesalina Gracie: Who would win in this polemic fight between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg?


Gabi Garcia: In my opinion, Cris would win that fight.


Cesalina Gracie: Ronda said that she can submit any female Jiu Jitsu fighter. Would she submit you?


Gabi Garcia: I really wanted to fight her even though our weight difference is pretty big. But if she thinks she can finish any girl, I would fight her for free. I would defend my sport.


Cesalina Gracie: Will your Jiu Jitsu be set aside for your transition to MMA?


Gabi Garcia: There is always something to learn. Every time I enter the mats I ask Fabio: “How did you come up with this technique? Are you hiding a magic book in your house? You have a magic book and I will find out where it is.” And those findings make me realize how much I still have to learn.


Cesalina Gracie: You went through some really hard times when your brother passed away only one week before the ADCC. How did you manage to stay focused and still win the tournament?


Gabi Garcia: I’ve never mentioned this before, because it has hurt me very deeply. He had a sudden death on the mats during the warmup. He was actually stretching when he started feeling chest pains and had a heart attack at the age of 22. I remember when I went to England. I said, “I’m not going to win the ADCC.” I knew I wasn’t going to perform well. I won my first fight, won my second fight, and became the ADCC champion. In that moment I realized that my tears, while having my arm raised, weren’t tears of joy for winning the ADCC. It was for overcoming all of that suffering, and knowing that the victory was for him. I remember I went straight to the hotel, packed my bags, and flew back home. And when I arrived the first thing I did was to get my car and drive to the cemetery to leave him the clothes that I used in my fights. It was a moment when I found myself… A lot of people judged me saying: “She is so heartless. She didn’t go back home to be with her family.” But a lot of people said, “This girl’s very strong. This girl overcame everything. Every time I’m about to enter the mats, I ask him, “Campeon, please be with me.” Because he made me a stronger woman.


Cesalina Gracie: What was the biggest learning that Jiu Jitsu brought into your life?


Gabi Garcia: Respect. Respect. Respect and overcome.


Cesalina Gracie: If you weren’t a fighter, what would you be?


Gabi Garcia: Nothing. I would be nothing.


Cesalina Gracie: What was the craziest thing that a fan has done for you?


Gabi Garcia: I have a fan club where all the girls tattooed my face on their calves. They are all adorable but all 16, 17 years old. I worry about their moms, if they are going to come after me.


Cesalina Gracie: Guys I looked into Gabi’s handbag and she has a whole suitcase just for makeup. How is it? Do you enjoy going to the salon, putting makeup on and getting ready? How do you take care of yourself outside of the mats?


Gabi Garcia: This is something that nobody knows, but I have a big makeup collection. I don’t wear it during my daily routine. I only carry a powder or a little something in my purse, but at home I have a full makeup collection. I have a feminine side that people don’t know about. But I love makeup. I’m always shopping. Sometimes I walk into a makeup store and people think I won’t buy anything because of my biotype, but I leave loaded with makeup.


Cesalina Gracie: And in the midst of so much training, is there any time left for dating?


Gabi Garcia: Oh yes, there is. There has got to be. We have to live, right? There are a lot more men interested in me now. But now it’s easy… Back then, nobody wanted. But I don’t take it seriously.


Cesalina Gracie: And all that sweetness migrates to the country music? What kind of music do you like?


Gabi Garcia: I enjoy listening to country music, pagode. Everybody teases me because of that. At the gym all of my friends listen to rock music. But I like country music, I really do. I listen to it all the time. Pagode, samba, I like it a lot.


Cesalina Gracie: So sing a country song for us that is popular in Brazil right now.


Gabi Garcia: (Sings)


Master Ken – “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Bullshit”




Master Ken – “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Bullshit”


I have received many requests to share this video to get the BJJ community’s opinion on the matter. This “Master Ken” lists five reasons why he believes that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is “bullshit”.



What say you all about this blasphemous video?


New Kurt Osiander Interview – Take It Uneasy Podcast




New Kurt Osiander Interview – Take It Uneasy Podcast


In this interview Kurt talks about his childhood, life lessons, when he became a man, being lead singer in a band, his biggest fear, how to make relationships work, and God (and some other stuff too).



When you’re finished watching you can check out our interview with Kurt Osiander here.


The Day The World Met The Hilarious Kit Dale




The Day The World Met The Hilarious Kit Dale


During the 2013 IBJJF Worlds a wild and unknown mustached man would face rising BJJ star Keenan Cornelius.


Today Kit Dale is widely recognized throughout the BJJ community for his hilarious antics, but just a couple of years ago, neither I, nor the guys announcing the match knew the name of this prolific Australian gentleman.



Soon after, Kit would become known as one of the funniest characters in BJJ because of his humor. Check out some of his hilarious videos below.







The Forgotten BJJ Fundamental: Standing Up




The Forgotten BJJ Fundamental: Standing Up


Many times when we begin our journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and many more times during the heat of a roll, a white belt can forget the option of standing up.


Standing up in base is an especially important skill if your focus is MMA or self-defense. If either of those is your primary course of study, the standing up option should be amongst the main tools in your arsenal.


For the BJJ practitioner standing up is extremely useful when going against a bigger, stronger opponent. It is much easier to simply get up and work passes then it is to start out playing guard, getting passed, working an escape, gaining dominant position and then submitting your much larger compadre.


By no means am I suggesting that you should never play guard against bigger and stronger opponents. Such is not the case. I am merely trying to add the standing up alternative to your repertoire of options. If there is someone in your class that constantly pulls the smash-and-pass on you. Trust me, you will love the standing up option.


Below are a some videos to show you the technique of standing up:




Check out the new Dillon Danis highlight (below) which demonstrates the stand up option in action at the highest levels. In Dillon’s case, and the case of people who like the kneebar/footlock game, standing up proves critical because performing these techniques can leave you in bad position if you are not careful.



Hopefully this article proves useful to you. Good luck!


Anderson Silva Back In Gi, Training With Ricardo De La Riva




Anderson Silva Back In Gi, Training With Ricardo De La Riva


The two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts started training together in 2014. Anderson was looking to supplement his guard game in case he would need it against Nick Diaz at UFC 183.


“Ricardo De La Riva is the best in Jiu-Jitsu when it comes to the guard, in addition to being the master of my teachers. Sometimes when working on the ground, and work my guard I ask for help from Master De La Riva to sharpen my guard game” – Anderson Silva



That was fun to watch, but I wonder who tapped?


UFC Allows Aldo To Be Berated By Fans For An Hour In Dublin




UFC Allows Aldo To Be Berated By Fans For An Hour In Dublin


I have been watching the UFC for many years. I have also watched many pre-fight press conferences and post-fight press conferences. Never before have I seen anything like today’s UFC 189 “press conference” in Ireland.


Most notably, there was only one member of the press who asked a question.


For almost an hour the UFC allowed drunken fans to have a microphone and a world-wide stage to berate one of the most dominant champions in the UFC. Fans were allowed to curse Jose Aldo up and down. Conor MacGregor was allowed to snatch Jose Aldo’s belt off the table and hold it up for fans, without recompense.


Calling this event a press conference was a joke. Calling it a circus would be more fitting.


The poise and demeanor of Jose Aldo was staggering. He sat there and took every hit from the crowd like a professional.


I was a Conor MacGregor fan. Now I hope Aldo kicks his legs off.



PS. As a side note, Conor announces in the conference that he will not be doing No Gi worlds in Europe in April like he said he would.