Man In Wheelchair Chokes Out Robber!




Man In Wheelchair Chokes Out Robber!


This incredible modern-day hero proves how important and effective Jiu Jitsu is in protecting ourselves and others.


A man in a wheelchair saw another man being belligerent against a woman cashier. As the angry man crosses the line between customer and patron, the man in the wheelchair quickly moves in.


His technique is pretty spot on which makes me think that he has trained, or still does train Jiu Jitsu.




Jiu Jitsu for everyone!


Keenan Cornelius Worm Guard DVD Out In Two Days


Opening up a can of worms


A serious can of worms is about to be opened! The highly anticipated Keenan Cornelius Worm Guard DVD will be released in two days! This Sunday, February 15th, you will be able to delve deep into the guard that has confounded the World Champions that Keenan has faced.



Finally you will be able to learn these techniques from the man himself!




As always stay tuned to for all of Keenan’s updates.


(Valentine’s Day Special) Loving Couples Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu




Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Having a significant other that also trains BJJ is chock full of advantages! You can encourage each other. You can consult one another about techniques and use each other as practice dummies at any hour of the day. You will have a singular and unified vision in terms of diet and exercise. You will never have an argument over where to have the next vacation because regardless of where you go, it will be a trip that is centered around Jiu Jitsu!


Personally I think it is well worth it to wait to find a boyfriend or girlfriend who also does Jiu Jitsu. Our sport is addictive and time consuming, therefore having someone close to you who understands the struggle, is only going make for a more harmonious relationship down the road.


Here are a couple BJJ couples who are not only high-level BJJ athletes, but they are also high on their love for each other!




In the video below a Purple belt proposes to his Blue Belt girlfriend on the mats in front of class.



Also check out this article by BJJ Eastern Europe which talks about other couples in BJJ!




Matt Serra Teaching Hours Of Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals




If you are a BJJ beginner, these videos could be the best thing in the world for you. Contained is more than two hours of MMA/BJJ legend Matt Serra teaching Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals.


Matt Serra is a former UFC welterweight champion and a Renzo Gracie Black Belt. He is widely known for being one of the two people to defeat Georges St. Pierre, taking his belt in 2007.


Part 1 – 48 minutes


Part 2 – 35 minutes


Part 3 – 37 minutes


Part 4 – 23 minutes


Check out Matt Serra’s BJJ academy page here.


Okay I had to add this video as a bonus. Check out Matt Serra in a grappling battle with another BJJ legend, Jean Jacques Machado below.



Ronda Rousey’s Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot Video




Ronda Rousey can add another “first” to her list of accomplishments, as the UFC women’s bantamweight champion is the first female mixed martial artist to grace the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


The magazine’s annual model-filled swimwear special hits newsstands this week.


Rousey, 28, will next enter the cage in Los Angeles on Feb. 28, when she is set to defend her belt against Cat Zingano in the main event of UFC 184.



Tanquinho Looks To Advance To 4-0 MMA This Friday




Multiple time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes Looks To Advance To 4-0 in MMA This Friday at Legacy Fighting Championship 38. Tanquinho faces off against Evan Martinez in what looks to be exciting 3 rounder. The fight will be shown live on




So far Tanquinho has beaten all of his opponents by submission. At 31 years of age he still has plenty of time left to do great things in the sport of MMA.


Here is the rest of the fight card:


Fight Card (Subject to Change):
TV Card (AXS TV)
155 – Anthony Njokuani (15-9) vs Dave Burrow (12-5)
135 – Joseph Sandoval (7-4) vs Jason Sampson (11-1)
135 – Caio Machado (5-1) vs Steven Peterson (11-4)
135 – Augusto Mendes (3-0) vs Evan Martinez (4-0)
185 – Evan Thompson (5-1) vs Charles Byrd (6-3)
135 – Saul Elizondo (6-4) vs Eli Tamez (8-0)
170 – Andrew Parker (5-0) vs Bilal Williams (3-0)


135 – Mark Delarosa (2-0) vs Keeton Gorton (2-0)
135 – Tristan Grimsley (5-4) vs George Pacarariu (6-3)
135 – Levi Mowles (1-0) vs Ivan “J.P.” Cole (2-2)
170 Ammy – Cameron Couch (4-0) vs Kris Bickman (3-0)
135 Ammy – Jon Camero (4-1) vs Colton Wright (4-0)
135 Ammy – Federico Olivera (3-4) vs Jarrod Trotter (2-1)
125 Ammy – Anthony Torres (1-1) vs Chris Arreaga (1-1)
135 Ammy – Donis Francois (3-2) vs Dylan Ashburn (3-1)




Check out this insane BJJ match from 2013 where Tanquinho defeats Rafael Mendes!




(Tanquinho and BJJ world champion girlfriend Mackenzie Dern)


Ex-NFL Cheerleader Rachel Wray BJJ Blue Belt, MMA Fighter




If you want your shot, ladies, Rachel Wray is ready. Or pretty darn close, at least.


“Now that I’ve achieved the one goal I have been focusing so hard on for so long, I feel like I can finally turn my attention back to MMA,” Wray, the former NFL-cheerleader-turned-mixed-martial-arts fighter, tells FOXSports.


“I may compete in one more tournament in March, but I told my coach I’m ready to fight. He said he may have a fight readily available.”


That “goal” above is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, granted to Wray after she won gold Jan. 31 at the 2015 Arkansas Open tourney in Conway, Arkansas.


“This (was) literally the moment I (had) been waiting for the entire time I have been training for MMA,” says Wray, a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader from 2010-11.


“I think the reason he decided to promote me at the tournament was because of one of the matches I won. One of the girls there who is a purple belt, a pro and an MMA fighter with a 5-1 record, her opponent was a no-show. So they asked me to fight her. I figured I would probably lose but I wanted to get the experience of rolling with such a high-level grappler. So I said, ‘Yes.’


“She dominated me from top position for the entire first four minutes of the match, but then she decided to expose her back for a split second, so I got up and jumped on her back like a little monkey and sank in a rear naked choke. As I squeezed with all my might, I started to get tears in my eyes because I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was going to not only beat this pro, but I was going to submit her.”


Wray says she has taken home at least 10 golds in BJJ tournaments over the past 18 months, having fought competition ranging from 130 through 180 pounds.




Now that the blue belt — the second adult rank (after white) in BJJ — is in hand, her focus now is dropping 10 to 15 pounds and “sharpening my boxing.”


The former Chiefs cheer squad member, who sports a 2-2 MMA record as an amateur, hasn’t fought since last July 12, when she fell by submission to Jamie “The Pretty Assassin” Clinton after 44 seconds at Attitude MMA Fights II in Lakeland, Tennessee. Wray says she took the date while still battling the effects of a recent concussion, and that Clinton’s choke hold caused her to black out — a sensation she described later as “the same feeling as dying.”


“Once I can lose lots of weight and my hands are back to where they were two years ago, I will definitely be ready to fight again,” Wray says. “I’m also praying I don’t reinjure my ankle or get any more concussions, because those are always major setbacks.”