The 4 Fake Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Exposed In The Year 2015




4 Fake Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts And How They Were Exposed


“Woe to ye oh false bearer of the blackest of belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu” – The Jiu Jitsu Bible Chapter 1, Verse 10.


I am only kidding about the Jiu Jitsu Bible thing. However it is no joke when someone falsely dons a BJJ Black Belt that they have not earned. The BJJ community is small and tight knit. It is virtually impossible to think that you can get away with being a fake black belt. Literally a million people will know about your falsity within a matter of a day or two.


Below we will share the stories of 4 fake BJJ Black Belts who were outed by the Jiu Jitsu community in 2015.


1. Let’s start with the latest. The BJJ Hour podcast guys outed this fellow just yesterday. His name is Mark McMahon. This gentleman was found to be a Gracie University Online Blue Belt. His Instagram page shewn him wearing his Blue Belt, than weeks later, he is a BJJ Professor.










2. A little over a month ago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Mike Palladino exposes a man posing as a Black Belt in Marlboro, NY. His name is Jay Queiroz.





3. Earlier this summer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Ruben Alvarez confronts a person trying to pass as a Black Belt.




4. Early in 2015 Justin Farwell outed a Fake BJJ Black Belt working in a UFC gym.


From Justin Farwell: “I didn’t do any of this to be mean so please don’t think that. I was respectful as you can see. Here’s the deal… I know blackbelts and they all busted their asses for years and years to accomplish the rank of a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. All my brothers that work so hard in the sport of Jiu Jitsu making sacrifices from there kids and families. I did this for all of you.”





Please, please, please never pretend to be a different belt rank then you are. Live your life with pride, dignity and honor and this will never be an issue! It is simply not worth it to be ostracized by such an active and genuine community!


Hope you enjoyed the post! Now go earn your belts!


Firas Zahabi Teaches How To Setup The Triangle From Closed Guard




Firas Zahabi Teaches How To Setup The Triangle From Closed Guard


“In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Guard is the heart of the art. Most BJJ battles are won and lost during the Guard battle. If you are on top you need to pass if you are on bottom you need to sweep or submit. The transition to triangle is a key maneuver when it comes to being successful playing from the bottom.


In this video I cover key aspects for successfully transitioning from guard to triangle. Be sure to study this transition carefully and it will serve you well.” – Firas Zahabi



Rafael Lovato Jr Scores Another MMA Win! Full Fight Video!




Rafael Lovato Jr Scores Another MMA Win! Full Fight Video!


The most decorated American Jiu Jitsu artist is definitely making a splash in the MMA world. Rafael Lovato Jr. moves to 2-0 after last night’s win over Kevin Holland at Legacy Fighting Championships 46. I don’t want to spoil the fight for you so check out the full video below!



Ryan Hall Talks BJJ And MMA From Iceland Parts 1 & 2




Ryan Hall Talks BJJ And MMA From Iceland Parts 1 & 2


Ryan Hall was recently in Iceland training with UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson. During his visit he gave this great interview.


Part 1: The Jiu Jitsu skill in MMA is low


Part 2: I think deep half guard works in MMA




This is only speculation but if Ryan is currently training with UFC fighters, he very well could be the winner of this new season of The Ultimate Fighter. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!




New Street Fighter 5 Character Laura Specializes In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu




New Street Fighter 5 Character Laura Specializes In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


According to Michael Martin of, Street Fighter 5 is reportedly getting an all-new Brazilian female character.


Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has posted images online of Laura performing various moves and grappling with Ryu. Based on the images and the types of strikes and holds she’s using, it appears her fighting style might be some form of Brazilian jiu-jitsu as opposed to the series’ other Brazilian mainstay Blanka, who practices his version of capoeira.


It does appear Laura might share some similarities with Blanka as she also appears to have some lighting-based attacks, including what appears to be some sort of projectile.



Clearly Laura practices No-Gi ((Ahem))



Caio Terra Sparring With Narration By Caio And His Opponent




Caio Terra Sparring With Narration By Caio And His Opponent


I love these rolling videos with commentary. They really allow you to get into the mind of the practitioner to see what was going through their mind during particular instances.


In the new video below Caio Terra and the head of Island Top Team Vancouver, Robert Biernacki have a great sparring session with both Caio and Robert narrating us through. There are tons of leg lock attempts and sweet transitions that are hella fun to watch. Enjoy!



Joe Rogan On How To Improve Your Jiu Jitsu




Joe Rogan On How To Improve Your Jiu Jitsu


In this excerpt from the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #688, Joe lays out what he believes is the best way to improve your Jiu Jitsu.


“You’re supposed to be building muscle memory, but the real way to do it after you do that is to practice on people with a limited amount of proficiency. Just to choke the s–t out of ’em. That’s the way to ultimately get better is to practice on people who aren’t quite as good as you.” – Joe Rogan



Mat Maturity: What Is It?




Mat Maturity: What Is It?


On occasion you’ll hear me throw out the term “mat maturity” during a conversation pertaining to how someone carries themselves on the mats. Though it can represent a range of things to me, it primarily suggests that a practitioner has a fair amount of control over their emotions while rolling (live wrestling). It also suggests that they can “tone it down” for newer ranking students while working with them.


A good example of someone I consider to have a great deal of mat maturity and self control is someone that does not aim to retaliate on the mats after being submitted or put in bad positions. Stepping things up to keep a roll session ‘interesting’ is one thing, but going after someone for validation purposes is another. Retaliation is often a sign of insecurity, as one generally only retaliates on the mats to reiterate their skill set and dominance to others or themselves.




In my opinion, the only time you should be “retaliating,” if you will, in the practice room is if you are a competitor prepping for a competition in your respective field, or an instructor is encouraging you to step it up as a means to push through mental blocks that you may be experiencing when rolling. At the end of the day, our training and journey isn’t just about us as individuals. It is, or at least should be, a cooperative effort for us all to reach our goals through collaboration.


By: Coach George | York MMA Academy



The Top 10 Places To Go For Funny Jiu Jitsu Memes




The Top 10 Places To Go For Funny Jiu Jitsu Memes


An Internet meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu memes have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. It is to the point now that it is nearly impossible to have a successful BJJ blog unless there is a talented meme maker on board. Because of this, funny memes pop up every single day! It seems that the memeing possibilities are endless in our sport because of the perplexedly confounding nature of BJJ. Mostly though, BJJ memes are popular because they express our shared experience. We all go through the same growing pains and rights of passage (and usually it is a funny and ironic experience!).


In my opinion these are the top 10 places to go for the best in Jiu Jitsu meme entertainment. The list is in alphabetical order to avoid bias in rating.


1. BJJ Girl – Emma Valdez has blown up in popularity! She brings her personality and style to her page and she has also been experimenting with BJJ memeing. Her memes have a unique style and are recognizable at a glance. Her memes are both funny and inspirational.




2. BJJ Hour – These guys have a great Jiu Jitsu podcast and also make hilarious memes. The BJJ Hour team is comprised of Stephanis Koukis, Michael Mihas, Kody Tuttle and Tommy Costa. I encourage you to check out all of their content!




3. BJJ Mojo – Joe is from southern California and makes funny memes on a daily basis. Mojo is among the first to get into making video memes about Jiu Jitsu. Definitely worth checking out!




4. BJJ Problems – The original BJJ meme maker. BJJ problems is who I drew inspiration from years ago. The frequency of their memes might not be as high as others but the quality is always very high!




5. Jits Grips – Their photographic memes are super funny but they really shine with the video memes! Really good stuff here. These guys sell a product designed to develop your grip strength as well. Definitely check that out if you haven’t already.






6. Jiu Jidiots – The super funny Karl Penn has a trademark style of meme that is more nutty and “idiotic”. The result will surely make you chuckle during your social media prerusings.




7. Jiu Jitsu After Dark – Another great podcast with great memes as well! As the name implies you will get that “after Jiu Jitsu beer” feeling, even if you don’t drink! The comedy is that good!




8. Jiu Jitsu Times – Veteran meme maker Todd Shaffer brings a big dose of flavor to the hottest BJJ page on the internets. The most BJJ news out there, with a daily dose of hilarity!




9. Verbal Tap Podcast – Kevin Phillips and Raf Esparza also have a “grade A” podcast and great memes! Those guys are growing in popularity and the recognition is well deserved!




10. White Belt BJJ – Yours truly. Nothing more than a blue belt posing as a white belt. I assume that if you are reading this you know my memeing style!




Please check out all of the 10 BJJ meme makers above! I’m sure they, like myself, take great pleasure in taking the edge off of our difficult sport through meme entertainment.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!