The Top 10 Places To Go For Funny Jiu Jitsu Memes




The Top 10 Places To Go For Funny Jiu Jitsu Memes


An Internet meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu memes have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. It is to the point now that it is nearly impossible to have a successful BJJ blog unless there is a talented meme maker on board. Because of this, funny memes pop up every single day! It seems that the memeing possibilities are endless in our sport because of the perplexedly confounding nature of BJJ. Mostly though, BJJ memes are popular because they express our shared experience. We all go through the same growing pains and rights of passage (and usually it is a funny and ironic experience!).


In my opinion these are the top 10 places to go for the best in Jiu Jitsu meme entertainment. The list is in alphabetical order to avoid bias in rating.


1. BJJ Girl – Emma Valdez has blown up in popularity! She brings her personality and style to her page and she has also been experimenting with BJJ memeing. Her memes have a unique style and are recognizable at a glance. Her memes are both funny and inspirational.




2. BJJ Hour – These guys have a great Jiu Jitsu podcast and also make hilarious memes. The BJJ Hour team is comprised of Stephanis Koukis, Michael Mihas, Kody Tuttle and Tommy Costa. I encourage you to check out all of their content!




3. BJJ Mojo – Joe is from southern California and makes funny memes on a daily basis. Mojo is among the first to get into making video memes about Jiu Jitsu. Definitely worth checking out!




4. BJJ Problems – The original BJJ meme maker. BJJ problems is who I drew inspiration from years ago. The frequency of their memes might not be as high as others but the quality is always very high!




5. Jits Grips – Their photographic memes are super funny but they really shine with the video memes! Really good stuff here. These guys sell a product designed to develop your grip strength as well. Definitely check that out if you haven’t already.






6. Jiu Jidiots – The super funny Karl Penn has a trademark style of meme that is more nutty and “idiotic”. The result will surely make you chuckle during your social media prerusings.




7. Jiu Jitsu After Dark – Another great podcast with great memes as well! As the name implies you will get that “after Jiu Jitsu beer” feeling, even if you don’t drink! The comedy is that good!




8. Jiu Jitsu Times – Veteran meme maker Todd Shaffer brings a big dose of flavor to the hottest BJJ page on the internets. The most BJJ news out there, with a daily dose of hilarity!




9. Verbal Tap Podcast – Kevin Phillips and Raf Esparza also have a “grade A” podcast and great memes! Those guys are growing in popularity and the recognition is well deserved!




10. White Belt BJJ – Yours truly. Nothing more than a blue belt posing as a white belt. I assume that if you are reading this you know my memeing style!




Please check out all of the 10 BJJ meme makers above! I’m sure they, like myself, take great pleasure in taking the edge off of our difficult sport through meme entertainment.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


Modified Bow And Arrow Choke With Kneebar Combo + 10 Second Wins




Modified Bow And Arrow Choke With Kneebar Combo + 10 Second Wins


Our friend Dainis Nguyen sent over some fresh new videos for us to check out. The first video is a combo that Dainis has come up with and is successful using. It is a modified bow and arrow choke with kneebar attack. The two videos after that are recent tournament videos of Dainis scoring 2 wins with an average of about 10 seconds. That’s enough to make Ronda Rousey jealous!


Follow Dainis Nguyen on Facebook if you like the combination of Judo and BJJ!







Ok one more video!! This last one is a sweet technique video that Dainis filmed specifically for!



Hope you enjoyed the article! Have a great day white belt BJJ!


Nathan Mendelsohn’s BJJ Technique Of The Week – Bow And Arrow




Nathan Mendelsohn’s BJJ Technique Of The Week – Bow And Arrow


This new technique video is by our friend and Coalition 95 black belt competitor Nathan Mendelsohn. This week’s technique is a bow and arrow choke setup from the side mount. There are lots of details for white belts!





If you enjoyed that technique check out this tutorial that Nathan made for us!



Connect with Nathan Mendelsohn on your favorite social media sites:

Facebook =

Instagram = @nathanmendelsohnbjj


Iraq Vet, Triple Amputee Joey Bozik Competes At The IBJJF Dallas Open




Iraq Vet, Triple Amputee Joey Bozik Competes At The IBJJF Dallas Open


This video is so inspirational. So many people complain and make excuses. People like Joey Bozik do not know the meaning of the word defeat. Check him out competing as a white belt at the most recent IBJJF Dallas Open!


This video was filmed by Mike Calimbas and TXMMA staff for Visit them on Facebook at



Jiu Jitsu for everyone!


IBJJF Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Rules For Dummies




IBJJF Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Rules For Dummies


The IBJJF rulebook is extensive, thorough and lengthy. It can be quite tedious to mull over when you are starting to compete as a white belt. This article is intended to simplify the most pertinent rules into an easy to digest format.






If there is no submission and the score is a tie the referee will choose the winner. There will never be a draw. Bouts will be decided by: 1-SUBMISSION, 2-DISQUALIFICATION, 3-UNCONSCIOUSNESS, 4-POINTS, 5-ADVANTAGES.




Submission occurs when a technique forces an opponent into admitting defeat by:


– Tapping out with hands, feet or verbally.

– The referee can stop the match if he believes a submission is going to cause harm to a competitor if they refuse to tap.

– A coach can call a fight to end.

– If a competitor cries out in pain the referee can end the match.

– Requesting a time out for pain is the same as tapping.




You can be disqualified from a match by:

– using foul language, immoral acts of disrespect, biting, hair pulling, eye poking, and attempting to injure genitalia.

– using fists, knees, feet, elbows or head with the intention to hurt or gain unfair advantage.

– if your kimono rips and you are not able to change it in a set amount of time.

– not wearing undergarments under your pants.

– running out of the ring to avoid tapping.


Fouls Not As Serious



– On the first offense the offender will be given a verbal warning. On the second offense the offender’s opponent will be given an advantage. On the third offense the offender’s opponent will be given two points. After the third offense the referee may disqualify the athlete for any further fouls.

– Kneeling before having taken hold of opponent’s kimono.

– When either of the athletes run to one of the extremities of the ring to avoid combat.

– When the athlete avoids engaging by taking off his kimono or by allowing it to be taken off with the intention of stopping the fight to allow himself rest.

– When the athlete inserts his fingers inside the sleeves or pants, or with both his hands on his opponent’s belt.

– When the athlete stalls the fight.




One of the 2 opponents is defeated after losing consciousness by any of the valid moves: strangling, pressuring, take downs, or accidents in which the opponent has not committed any foul worthy of disqualification.




It is considered an advantage when the athlete attempts but does not complete any of the fundamental moves of the fight; i.e. sweep, take down, submission etc.

– Advantages through takedowns: When there is a visible loss of balance in which the adversary nearly completes the takedown.

– The one on top will earn the advantage by being on the offensive, trying to dominate his adversary’s guard (pass the guard). For the referee to consider it an advantage, the athlete that is on top must come close to passing the guard, forcing his adversary to exert energy to regain position e.g. half guard, almost immobilizing, etc.

– The one underneath will earn the advantage if he almost sweeps his opponent, putting him in a dangerous position, as well as when he attempts a lock that forces his opponent to defend.

– Advantages will be awarded during ground fighting if the athlete attempts a technique and puts his adversary on the defensive.




– Wrestling shoes or any type of shoes, headgear, shirts under the gi (except for girls) and any kind of protectors that can alter the outcome of the match in any way are not allowed in competition. No cups are allowed.


Illegal Moves






– The kimono must be washed and dried with no unpleasant odors.

– Toe and fingernails must be cut short and clean.

– People with long hair must keep their hair from interfering with there opponent or themselves during the match.

– Athletes are not permitted to paint their hair with spray and may be disqualified by the referee.


The Kimono


– Constructed of cotton or similar material and in good condition. The material may not be excessively thick or hard to the point where it will obstruct the opponent.

– Colors may be black, white or blue, no combined colors (white kimono with blue pants, etc.)

– The jacket is to be of sufficient length down to the thighs, sleeves must reach the wrist with arms extended in front of the body. The sleeve should follow the official measures according to CBJJ and IBJJF, from the shoulder to the wrist.

– Belt width 4-5cm, with color corresponding to rank, tied around the waist with a double knot and tight enough to secure the kimono closed.

– Athletes are not permitted to compete with torn kimonos, sleeves or pants that are not of proper length, or with t-shirts underneath the kimono (except in the female divisions).

– Athletes are not allowed to use painted kimonos.


In my opinion those are the most important rules to know. There are many more rules to the game though, all of which can be found here.


Also check out this great video from Felipe Costa where he walks the competitor through the IBJJF Rulebook.



Hope you found this post helpful! If you did share it with a friend!


The Most Basic Side Control Escape + 2 Sneaky Submissions




The Most Basic Side Control Escape + 2 Sneaky Submissions


Sean Smith, BJJ Black Belt and Head Coach of Ultimate Martial Arts Academy in Cradley Heath is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on different ways to cope with and work against larger, heavier opponents when stuck in bottom side control in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The video also features two sneaky submissions from bottom side control!


As a white belt this should be one of the very first escapes that you learn.



Marcelo Garcia Vs Keenan Cornelius Full Roll, With Commentary By Keenan!




Marcelo Garcia Vs Keenan Cornelius Full Roll, With Commentary By Keenan!


Last week Keenan released the partial roll with him and Marcelo Garcia at Studio 540. Some of the footage was lost so the missing footage was spliced in with security camera footage. The result is pretty sweet and what makes it even better is Keenan has overdubbed a commentary that any white belt can certainly learn from!





Be sure to subscribe to Keenan Cornelius on YouTube! He is constantly putting out great videos!


Looking Back At White Belt With The Eyes Of A Black Belt


mark cukro

(Mark Cukro, Pedro Sauer Black Belt)


Looking Back At White Belt With The Eyes Of A Black Belt


I wish someone told me all of this when I started. So, if you are new take a few minutes to read this.


As an Instructor and someone that has benefitted greatly from learning Jiu Jitsu I appreciate every time a person decides to train and get on the mat.


When I was new to Jiu Jitsu I made the same mistakes most new students make and the one’s that you will most likely make too. Although your path with be unique to you there are plenty of common experiences that most people have when starting. So, here are a few insights I hope you’ll find helpful.


It is true and your Professor knows it. A common phrase you’ll hear is “Work on the fundamentals and positions before submissions, relax, learn to breathe and work on defense first” and that is because it is a universal Jiu Jitsu truth that will remain unchanged and has been proven to be true for a very long time.


In most cases your Coach has spent a ton of time on the mats and has made every mistake just like every other white belt when they started. Michelangelo probably wasn’t the remarkable artist he became the second he was handed a paintbrush and you can’t expect to be remarkable right away either. Jiu Jitsu is a process and the learning never ends, ever. That is what captivates so many people and keeps the interest so high. Ask any high ranking person.




Take the time to learn the positions and details at a slower pace and then when you add some speed you have much better technique as you progress and you’ll work less and be more efficient with your movement. The sooner you learn that and accept it, you’ll most likely make much faster progress than the person that just wants to go for the submission yet can’t hold anyone in a position.


Jiu Jitsu is about getting submissions, it is not about injuring your training partner. Tap fast and often and you’ll be glad you did. There is no medal given for being the toughest White Belt that refused to tap to anyone and there are too many ways to get injured; the main cause is the EGO.


You cannot expect to beat higher belts in the beginning but if you are a good training partner to them, they will be a good training partner to you. Be the person that people want to train with and most people will go out of their way to help you get better. Probably more than you expect.




If and when you get caught, and you will, say thanks and ask the person to show you what they did. Do NOT be the person that gets angry and takes the lesson of the experience and makes it something it should not be. It is a lesson, treat it like one.


Give yourself a break. The thing about Jiu Jitsu is that you will quickly find out where you need to improve. Not every match or sparring session is a championship. It is ok to get tapped and every single higher belt has tapped countless times. Getting submitted does not define who you are. How you handle it says much more about you.


Getting submitted at your academy is not the same as losing a match or fight. You are supposed to have obstacles and you will learn a great deal about how you deal with something when it doesn’t go your way. It is just Jiu Jitsu, nobody gets a belt without getting submitted just like in life nobody gets out alive.


Have fun, laugh and just keep showing up. Progress is inevitable for those that show up consistently.


Too many people focus on how everything should go right and fail to learn how to overcome doing your best and still not doing well. Hang in there. I guarantee you will see a new person start training at your academy after you have been there for a few months and have an “ah-ha” realization that you are getting better. It is a good feeling, it will come, and you’ll remember it.


Be coachable and do the work. If you have a good Instructor you are going to get feedback and while everyone has their own style of coaching and teaching. Learn to take feedback and try to follow the advice. In the beginning you may not even understand why, if you don’t be sure to ask or speak up, and get back to training. Do not be the person that wants to debate every piece of advice or instruction. Ask questions but don’t be “that person”.


What is hard today will be easier tomorrow. That is one of my favorite Jiu Jitsu truths from Master Sauer and the more time you are on the mats the better you will move, the more poised you will become, the better your techniques will get and everything will seem easier and you will have a much deeper sense of accomplishment and confidence that will have an impact in every part of your life.


Jiu Jitsu will change you for the better. You’ll have a new perspective on how you influence everything.  You will be forever grateful that you started. Just ask every Black Belt you meet if it was worth it to them. Enjoy your training, be safe, and I hope to see you sometime on the mats.




Mark Cukro


Check out the fantastic armbar from mount video that Mark put together for below!



If you live in or near Harrisburg, North Carolina or want to visit Mark Cukro’s academy you can get all of the details here!


Hope you all enjoyed the read!