BJJ Brown Belt Demoted To Purple Belt By Jiu Jitsu Coach




BJJ Brown Belt Demoted To Purple Belt By Jiu Jitsu Coach


A new video has surfaced of a guy who was a purple belt that started all of the sudden wearing a brown belt. His coaches rolled with him and realized that his skills were unequivocally not technical enough for the brown belt level. So, they demoted him back to purple.


The student did not object.


“Today I had to do something that leaves me very sad with the conduct of a few coaches. This guy used to train at the Monteiro academy a while back. He was a tough blue belt, but never took BJJ seriously. Last week he showed up at my academy with a brown belt, I started watching him roll and noticed he didn’t have the technical ability of a brown belt, no chance. I spoke to him and he accepted this. I didn’t want to know who awarded him the belt, all I know is that here at academia Monteiro, your belt needs to be tied around your waist by Waldenes Massulo”



10 Things You Should Have In Your BJJ First Aid Kit




10 Things You Should Have In Your BJJ First Aid Kit


This is a list of items that I keep handy for any injury situations that I might encounter while sparring Jiu Jitsu. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor. Obviously you should always seek the advice of a medical professional!


That being said, these are my 10 must-have BJJ first aid kit items, and why I keep them handy.


1. Athletic tape


– This is one of my most important items to have. Inevitably we are going to jam our fingers, toes, ankles or wrists. Thankfully properly applied athletic tape will keep you rolling while preventing further damage to the injury. Athletic tape can be pricey so it is better to buy multiple rolls at a time. This is a good deal from


2. Ankle, Knee, Elbow Sleeves + ACE Bandages


– Sometimes we pop our knees, ankles and elbows. Sometimes it is because we move incorrectly and sometimes it is because we forget to tap as white belts. The compression effect of these items is soothing to the damaged joints. Ace bandage comes in handy when you bruise your shins. I always wear my knee sleeves when rolling. I keep the ankle and elbow sleeves handy for when I injure those body parts. This is just my personal preference.


3. Cold Packs


– Cold packs are quintessential for muscle pulls when you are trying to use the RICE method of healing (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Bags of ice can obviously be used but I find that cold packs are far more convenient.


4. Heating Pad


– I find that a heating pad works best for pulled muscles in the neck and back. I sometimes alternate between heating pad and cold packs for therapeutic relief.


5. Syringe (for those 18+ years of age only)


– My doctor allows me to keep two around in case I get a massive cauliflower ear. Use at your own risk though. It is absolutely recommended to go to a doctor to have them drain your ear, period.


6. Antifungal Spray


– Thankfully everyone that I train with is responsible about keeping themselves clean. However I always keep a can of antifungal spray handy just in case some ringworm appears unexpectedly. Sometimes I will give my entire body a quick spray after a shower for good measure.


7. Triple Antibiotic Ointment


– I keep some around for minor cuts. This one is really a no brainer that everyone should have handy whether you do Jiu Jitsu or not.


8. Finger Splints


– Finger jams are fairly common in Jiu Jitsu. I personally have a trigger finger on one of my pinkies and some other jammed fingers as well. My doctor recommended splinting the finger while rolling and while sleeping, and then leaving it off at other times.


9. Kinesio Tape


– This tape is very nice for muscle pulls and tears. Proper application of the tape helps to keep the muscle working properly and it feels great. So far I’ve only had to use this tape once for a shoulder pull and it felt great while rolling.


10. Bandaids and Gauze


– This is another no-brainer that every household should have. Every once in a while we get little scrapes, cuts and dings. Using bandaids and gauze will help keep your new white gi bloodstain free!


What other items do you keep handy that I should add to my list?


I hope you enjoyed the read. Good luck staying healthy and injury free!


The Most Detailed Butterfly Guard Sweep Tutorial Ever




The Most Detailed Butterfly Guard Sweep Tutorial Ever


Firas Zahabi just released another incredible tutorial. This one covers the powerful butterfly guard “hook sweep”.


“The Butterfly Guard is one of my favourite Guards because it is so dynamic, but be careful it is an advanced Guard, not only are the moves more technically sensitive they also require a lot of timing. Even though I consider this Guard more advanced I like to teach it early on. Starting from blue belt, I definitely teach a lot of open Guard and the Butterfly Guard is a must know.” -Firas Zahabi



“Road to Pan Ams” – A New Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Documentary




“Road to Pan Ams” – A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Documentary


This new documentary featuring BJJ competitor Justin Court is filled with wisdom in terms of competition mindset and training Jiu Jitsu in general. The cinematography and editing look fantastic too. Not only will you learn from this video, but it also contains a cameo from our black belt bud, Nick “Chewjitsu” Albin!


Hope you enjoy!



Prof. Pedro Sauer’s Daughter Groped, Attacker Pays The Price (Wristlock Tutorial)




Prof. Pedro Sauer’s Daughter Groped, Attacker Pays The Price (Wristlock Tutorial)


Via Gracie Academy:


Professor Pedro Sauer was on vacation in Greece and he just texted me this video! Back story: A crackhead gropes his daughter in the crowd and flees. Pedro’s wife points the guy out sitting on a curb. Pedro wrist locks him until he cries and makes him apologize to his daughter. Left hook to the body was just a bonus reminder not to do it again! Learn self-defense, their are crazy people everywhere and unless Professor Sauer is your father, you will have to fend for yourself!


Click the player below to watch the events unfold!


Professor Pedro Sauer was on vacation in Greece and he just texted me this video! Back story: A crackhead gropes his…

Posted by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Here is a standing wristlock tutorial taught by Professor Sauer himself.



5 Videos That Demystify And Explain The BJJ Belt System




5 Videos That Demystify And Explain The BJJ Belt System


“What distinguishes the Brazilian system from others is its extreme INFORMALITY. There is no precise, agreed upon set of rules that determines who is a blue belt, who is a purple belt, and so forth. Part of the reason for this is the complete lack of forms, or kata (pre-arranged, choreographed sets of movements containing the idealised movements of the style in question, typically a collection of kicks, punches, blocks, and the like performed solo), in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system. Most Martial Arts put a lot of emphasis upon learning these katas, this is often taken to be indicative of progress. One might try to differentiate grades in terms of numbers of moves that a student knows. Such a method is clearly inadequate.


It is often pointed out that a purple belt knows almost as many moves as a black belt – he simply does not perform them as well, or combine them as well, or at the correct time. Also, some fighters do very well with a small collection of moves that they can apply well in any situation – should they be ranked lower that another fighter who knows a lot of moves but applies none of them well? A more objective method is to test fighting skill. If one fighter always defeats another when they grapple, this might be taken as firm evidence that he deserves the higher rank. Yet it is not always so simple. What if he is far heavier and stronger and this is the only reason that he prevails in sparring sessions? What if he is technically inferior? You can see that there are no easy answers to the question of what criteria we can offer for a given belt ranking.


Rather, the extreme informality of the Brazilian style is a direct reflection of the fact that it is impossible to provide clear cut rules as to how people ought to be graded. The most we can do is to provide very general criteria. The individual decision must be left to an experienced instructor who will take a range of criteria into account. For example, the size and strength of the student, depth of technical knowledge, ability to apply it in sparring sessions and competition, how he compares with students of other ranks both inside and outside his school, his ability to teach and so on. In general Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes a very CONSERVATIVE stance toward promotion. This is a direct reflection of the fact that it is primarily a fighting style. It makes no sense to promote someone to a high rank if they cannot fight well – after all, should a highly ranked fighter be defeated it is a bad reflection on the school. So then, the two principle features of the Brazilian ranking system are its INFORMALITY and its CONSERVATISM.


To really know a given move one needs to learn not just the basic movements, but be able to perform them on an opponent who is resisting as hard as he can. This comes not from a book, but from time spent on the mat in hard training. A true sense of your level of development is had by training and competing with other practitioners and drawing comparisons with your own game.” – John Danaher (as written in Renzo and Royler Gracie’s book “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Theory and Technique”)







BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg Joke About Fighting Each Other




BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg Joke About Fighting Each Other


MMA legends and Hall of Famers BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg candidly discuss their fights during the golden age of the UFC. BJ Penn poked fun at Frank and Matt’s rear naked choke technique. This epic video made my day! Hope you all enjoy!


Click the player below to watch!