BJJ Technique – Guard Pass vs Crazy Legs – Firas Zahabi




BJJ Technique – Guard Pass vs Crazy Legs – Firas Zahabi


In this video legendary coach Firas Zahabi cover how to pass the Guard vs a very flexible opponent. Every gym has at least one super flexible member on the mat and it can be very frustrating to pass the guard when using traditional pass and position. In the video below Firas will show you a different strategy that helps vs those crazy legged BJJ guys.




BJJ World Champion Michelle Nicolini Looking To Make Her Name In MMA




BJJ World Champion Michelle Nicolini Looking To Make Her Name In MMA


Michelle Nicolini has established herself as one of the most decorated female Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors in the history of the sport.


Now, the eight-time world champion and member of the BJJ Hall of Fame is looking to put her stamp down in the world of mixed martial arts.


“I just moved to Singapore to train full-time at Evolve MMA and I already signed with ONE Championship,” said Nicolini to Yahoo Sports. “I am super excited to have my first fight, and I think we really have the best team at Evolve MMA.


“The instructors are always there to patiently help and teach me. I totally trust in them, and have no doubt they will help me to improve my game and be a world champion in MMA. I will have to adapt my game to MMA because BJJ is not the same. I must learn Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing, but my dream is to bring one more belt to Evolve MMA.”


While it won’t be Nicolini’s debut in MMA, her permanent move to an MMA gym will surely help to shape a well-rounded game.


“On my journeys I have visited some other MMA gyms around the world, but this was the first time that I imagined myself moving to one permanently. The training is hard, the instructors are all world champions in something, and the head coach, Heath Sims, has so much experience. I feel like this is the place I was always looking for.”



Mackenzie Dern Wins Her MMA Debut! [Video]




Mackenzie Dern Wins Her MMA Debut! [Video]




Jiu-jitsu star Mackenzie Dern made her mixed martial arts debut Friday night, and scored a dominant victory.


The multiple-time grappling champion took on fellow MMA newcomer Kenia Rosas at Legacy FC 58 in Lake Charles, La., and wasted no time in the striking area. Dern rushed for a takedown seconds into the first round, quickly getting Rosas’ back and working on a rear-naked choke. Rosas’ submission defense was on point, allowing her to survive the constant attacks from the jiu-jitsu wizard.


The pressure continued in the second and third rounds, with Dern having no trouble taking Rosas to the ground and quickly improving to the mount. The decorated black-belt landed hard shots from the mount in the second round, hurting Rosas, but couldn’t get the finish. In the end, Dern scored her first MMA win via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 and 30-25).


“I could have went for the armbar and saw that her arm was really flexible,” Dern said after the dominant win. “I went for the toehold. I figured if her arm was flexible, than her feet were flexible too. I obviously didn’t want to go three rounds. I tried to practice my punching, but she defends very well. I was happy with my performance.”


In the final moments of the bout, Dern locked an armbar that looked deep, but Rosas didn’t tap.


“I didn’t hear a noise but it was backwards,” said the strawweight prospect about Rosas’ elbow during her post-fight interview. “She has some flexibility so that’s maybe why they thought it was a good match-up. She punches really hard and I tried to punch hard too. I was glad I was able to take it to the ground all three rounds.”


Check out the action in the video player below!




“The Foundation” Pilot (Jiu Jitsu Based Drama Series)




“The Foundation” Pilot (Jiu Jitsu Based Drama Series)


A Jiu Jitsu based web-series inspired by true events, coming this Fall to Metamoris All Access 2.0.


This project is not rated and includes violent scenes with aggressive language. Viewer discretion is advised.




After watching the pilot what do you all think? Do you like it? Do you feel safe giving Metamoris your credit card information again? Sound off in the comments!


Mackenzie Dern Makes Her MMA Debut Tomorrow Evening [Interviews + Training Videos]


Photo Credit: Mackenzie Dern


Mackenzie Dern Makes Her MMA Debut Tomorrow Evening [Interviews + Training Videos]


Mackenzie Dern is set to make her transition to mixed martial arts tomorrow evening at Legacy Fights 58!


She will be competing at 115 lbs. Her opponent is Kenia “Aztec Warrior” Rosas.


Dern is training at The MMA Lab for her mixed martial arts debut.


Check out her pre-fight interview and training videos below! Go Mackenzie!