“It’s Never The Victim’s Fault” – Gracie Breakdown


“In recognition of sexual assault awareness month, we wanted to address the damaging impact of “victim blaming” and the misconceptions regarding women’s self-defense. Many people wrongly believe that a survivor of sexual assault may be to blame based on what they were wearing, drinking or doing prior to the assault. It’s not true, and the insinuation is much more damaging than many realize. It’s never the victim’s fault. It is a man’s responsibility to respect women and their boundaries. But until this day comes, we encourage women to learn self defense; not because it’s their responsibility, but because it’s their reality.” – Rener and Ryron Gracie




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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is The Best Sport For A Family To Do Together


by Brooke George


The bond between a father and daughter is irreplaceable. This has become even more evident to me with starting Jiu-Jitsu. My dad has been with me every step, choke, and arm bar along the way.


I started off BJJ alone, but it didn’t take long for my dad to join me. After watching a couple classes he quickly joined in on the fun. Having my dad on the mat with me has changed a lot of things about our relationship. From him being my live in training partner to supporting me at every competition, he is always there for me.


Having good training partners at the gym is awesome. Having a good live in training partner is even better. When my dad and I leave the gym, Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t stop. The whole ride home we are talking about the new moves we learned and we are dissecting every roll we had. This has helped me in developing my game and has helped me remember things I would have forgotten by talking back over them.


Drilling doesn’t stop either. It didn’t take long for us to turn our spare bedroom into a mini gym with mats. Now whenever we want to practice drills or we want to settle an argument by rolling, we don’t have to get carpet burn in the basement. We can just go into our gym.


Having your dad in your corner during your matches is something special too. When he is involved in the sport and understands what is going on it is even better. I love knowing that win or lose my dad will be there afterwords to give me a hug and tell me how proud he is of me.


The support my dad has had for me through my entire Jiu-Jitsu journey has been incredible. It has strengthened our relationship and has given us another thing that we both love doing together. I wouldn’t trade anything for having my dad there to choke me and help make me a better athlete!





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United Overbooking: How To Properly Restrain Someone (BJJ Tips)


United Airlines forcibly removed a 69-year-old doctor from a seat after he had already boarded the plane. The security officials at O’Hare grabbed Dr. Dao and pulled him onto the floor and dragged him away. This move is safe for fellow passengers and not safe for the guy trying to be restrained. So in this video, Jerry Liu brings in Mr. Rob Watt, a no-gi jiu jitsu trained grappling guy to talk about tips for both law enforcement and victims of law enforcement abuse. Hope you enjoy our little exploration into self-defense and grappling. To O’Hare security, please take some jiu jitsu lessons.




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This Video Proves There Is No One Right Way To Do A Technique


This video not only contains two incredibly solid ways to do the Over Under Pass. But it proves as well is that there is no one “correct” way to do a move.


Inevitably you will come across someone who will say, “I learned this move differently before.”


Now you can refer them to this video where the best BJJ guy in the world and the best Judo coach in the world teach the exact same move, completely differently.




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30 Years In BJJ, A Reflection.


by John B. Will


This is the year of my 60th lap around the sun we call sol …. it is also my 30th year in BJJ. For exactly half of my life, I have been frolicking on the BJJ playground – and have unearthed my share of both trinkets and treasures alike.


As someone who has foraged high and low, far and wide on this spinning marble, in an effort to carve out a meaningful and fulfilling life for myself, I find it very difficult to separate my approach to my martial arts practice time from the way in which I live my life. Like a long-lasting marriage of sorts, my understanding of BJJ and my understanding of life are intricately inter-woven.


Here are a couple of things I have learned from the mat, that I have brought to bear in my life off the mat – my hope being that some of which, may incite you to pause and ponder a little … Going Deep builds understanding – Going broad build adaptability:


This is a hat-tip to Miyamoto Musashi’s wonderful line “Rat’s Head – Ox’s neck”. When we drill deep on a particular subject (or go after a technique with intent) we do so at the cost of learning about or seeing other possibilities – but we get stuff done! When we Go broad; taking a generalist approach, we can flitter from here to there without achieving much – but we get the lay-of-the-land and build adaptability. The trick is to embody both.


Focus on process rather than Goals:


Maintaining focus and attention on a goal rarely achieves anything; instead, reverse engineer a series of steps, backtracking from that desired goal to wherever our position and circumstance in the now. Then, putting all of our intention on the step immediately before us (rather than on the goal) we move forward, little by little – but inexorably so. In remaining wedded to the process, we may also decide on a better goal than the one originally sought, on the way there.


Settling for the Good-Enough binds us to mediocrity:


The Good-enough-to-get-by attitude will bind us to mediocrity much more securely than will our circumstances. When we raise-the-bar with regard to the standards we apply to ourselves, we greatly improve our potential for improvement.


Ironically, we all have standards when it comes to occupation like Engineering, brain Surgery, etc … why not allies those same exacting standards to our own humble pursuits.


What’s the worst that can Happen? … A question worth asking:


This is about risk. Taking risks, provided they are not so great that the price of failure is death; opens us up to extraordinary learning opportunities. An extraordinary life is a result of taking extraordinary action; not by always making the ordinary (safe) choice. Risk-taking also helps build our emotional and physical immune system .. it is how we shift from the fragile-state to the robust-state.


Problem Solving is often done via a series incremental improvements:


Many problems that we face, evolved over time, ie. we gained 30 extra kilograms over two years of bad eating habits; we found ourselves in deep financial debt after a series of bad fiscal decisions, etc. In looking for a single, easy solution to such problems, even though our instinct clamors for such a thing, we deny ourselves of the real solution – which is this: improve our situation by 5% – rinse and repeat!


There is much, much more to everything than that which we initially perceive:


As soon as we think we know something, we close our mind to the possibility that there may be much, more more to that thing than what we could ever have imagined. it seems to be a part of human nature that we accept the broad-strokes as final draft. For our survival as a species, it has been necessary for us to make snap judgements and make quick decisions based on the judgments – but this is not how extraordinary things are accomplished. Mindful and deep exploration is how great things are discovered.


Leverage is about extracting maximum value from minimal effort:


Our time is precious; the most precious resource we have; not to maximize the value we extract from the things we pursue in that time, is to not understand how leverage works. Leverage is essentially about moving a lot with a little – to twist it a little, to reap the biggest result from the smallest effort. This concept is at play in every cranny of our lives; we ignore it to our peril.


Best wishes all … I can only hope you all enjoy your mat-time at least as much as I have done thus far. – John B. Will of Red Cat Academy




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The Ties That Bind In BJJ: Respect


by Brooke George


When people ask me about Jiu-Jitsu tournaments my first response is often about the respect level. It’s hard to get someone who has never experienced Jiu-Jitsu or that has never been to a tournament to understand what that is like. Most people are much more familiar with MMA than they are BJJ, but they know the two can be related. They often think that practitioners look at Jiu-Jitsu matches and opponents how many of the publicized MMA fighters do, which is full of ego and anger, but that’s not true.


Respecting your opponent is heavily preached in the Jiu-Jitsu world. That’s one reason tournaments can be so fun. You can go to tournaments and actually make friends with the other competitors. I have experienced this first hand. I talked to and warmed up with another girl I had never met before at my first tournament and we still stay in touch now.


The respect that Jiu-Jitsu athletes have for each other on the sidelines is carried onto the mats during competition. All matches start with some sort of handshake or bow. After that the actual match begins. Once the match is over you often see opponent’s picking each other up. You don’t see that in many other sports so it is a surprise to many that it is so common in such a physical sport.


Everyone that has ever been on the mat knows what it takes to be there. They know the dedication and hard work that you have to put into it. That is one of the many reasons I believe Jiu-Jitsu practitioners respect each other so much.


The respect between athletes is one of many reasons I love this sport. I love the sense of community there is between everyone that practices this art. Jiu-Jitsu is universal. No matter where you are at, where you are from, what you look like, or what language you speak, if you practice Jiu-Jitsu you can find this respect and find this sense of community.





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Tim Kennedy Has Reenlisted In The Special Forces To Fight ISIS


Things just got really ugly for ISIS.


Dear isis, If you are lucky enough to kill a Special Forces operator, the possibility of us dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever made on you should be the least of your concerns. There is a vengeance and wrath associated with the loss of one of our brothers. May God have mercy on your soul because we are coming and we will have none to give. Sincerely, The U.S. Military.





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Easter Explained With Jiu-Jitsu!


Written by Domenic Porcari


As you sit here reading this, you may be wondering, “what’s so special about today that they had to cancel open mat?” Or, if you’re lucky enough to have one, “what’s so special about today that its a holiday open mat?” Yea sure its got something to do with Jesus and all that, but what are we actually celebrating here? Well, let me put it in terms a grappler would understand:


In the beginning, God created two white belts named Adam and Eve. He taught them every day and every day, they had long rolls with him in the garden of Eden, never with any injuries, and unlimited Gi’s of all types and colors. The EBI and Pan Am Worlds were free to watch live, and they enjoyed limitless açai all day. All God asked of them in return for this paradise was that Adam and Eve never reap the knee under any circumstances. And with a limitless supply of submissions at their disposal, Adam and Eve agreed.


Then one day, Satan entered the garden open mat, pretending to be holding a free seminar, and called Eve out for a roll. Once they slapped and bumped, Satan told Eve about an amazingly powerful submission called the heel hook. Using it would make her a powerful grappler, able to submit anyone by just falling back in their guard and cranking their leg, even God. To execute the submission, Satan told her that all she had to do was reap the knee. Eve questioned Satan as she remembered God’s one rule, but Satan deceived her, telling her that God didn’t want them to reap because God spent all his practice time passing guard and his leg lock defense sucked, and he didn’t want Adam and Eve to be able to tap him. Temped by the power of this devastating move, Eve tried it, and Satan pretended to tap for her. Instantly she got up and showed Adam, who saw how quickly it could tap someone and applied it instantly to his game plan.


Just then, God stepped onto the mats. When they remembered the rules of the garden, Adam and Eve instantly feigned injury to avoid having to roll with God, who saw that they were favoring their Meniscus, he asked them why. Knowing that God would find out eventually, Adam and Eve both confessed their sin, forever disqualifying them and all of their children from ever competing in the garden with God ever again. Without their master, the two of them wandered the earth, trying in vain to earn their blue belts through nothing but Internet jujitsu videos.


But God hated not being able to roll with his creations, so thousands of years later, he sent his son Jesus to earth for a submission only match with Satan. If he could beat Satan, all of the white belts in the world would be allowed back into heaven to roll with God. For 33 years they rolled and Satan tried everything trick he had to submit Jesus. Satan set up countless baits, he crossfaced, pulled guard, boxed ears, slapped, wrist locked, he even had help from the refs! But Jesus’ guard game was way too strong. Unable to pass his guard, Satan lay back and viciously heel hook Jesus, gaining the upper hand in the fight. Jesus refused heard his knee pop, but refused to tap. Finally he rolled out of it, only for Satan to get him in an inescapable crucifix. Jesus spent nine hours in Satan’s crucifix, with refs and spectators yelling, “if you’re the son of God, escape! Bridge back!” Unable to submit Jesus from the crucifix, Satan came around to the top and buried Jesus in side control for three days.


Had this been a point contest, Jesus would have surely lost, but he kept his chin tucked and his elbows in for those three days, and on the third day, when Satan started to get too light on his knees, Jesus sprang to life and reversed the position, taking top side control and in an instant, choked out Satan with the strongest head and arm choke the world has ever seen.


Today is the day we celebrate Jesus’ submission of Satan. Now, because Jesus defeated Satan cleanly, we are free to roll with God whenever we want. And even if we accidentally reap, even if we grab fingers in desperation, or even if we scissor takedown just to be a jerk, God is ready and willing to forgive us, show us a better move, and slap, bump, roll all over again.
Happy Easter! OSS!



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