Crazy Ninja Choke Submission At The Good Fight




Christian Banghart finished one of his matches at The Good Fight tournament this past weekend with a crazy Ninja Choke! After taking his opponent down and grabbing side control, Christian uses his mouth to bait his lapel across his opponent’s neck and then spins into North-South position to gain the tap! So Awesome!



Check out this other recent quick finish of his below.



Thanks Christian for sending us these videos! Keep up the great work and keep us informed of your progression! OSS!


(Matches) Fan Submitted BJJ matches for 6/24/2014


Check out these fan submitted BJJ matches!


Five Grappling Portland, OR 5/10/14: James “300” Foster Highlight


Richie Owens gi middle weight beginner


Declan Competing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Chelmsford (Pt. 2)


Jason’s first ever naga gi match up a weight class


Roberto Nieves vs Unknown NO GI Newbreed UC Orlando 2013


Roberto Nieves vs Unknown Newbreed 2014


Roberto Nieves vs Unknown 2013 NEWBREED UC Orlando


Jamie Walters open bjj white belt WA rd1


(Matches) Logan Cook strikes again with his signature “Logeoplata”


Logan Cook’s first place match in the Intermediate Super Featherweight No Gi division at the Extreme Grappling Open, against a tough MMA fighter named Ronnie Shoemaker! This is his second “Logeoplata” in competition! This one ended up getting finished from the a mounted position which required Logan to make a few tweaks to get the tap.





Here is a video of Logan teaching the “Logeoplata”


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