Crazy Beatdowns Issued During BJJ Promotion




Wow. The crazy beatdowns that take place during this academy’s promotion day make me scared to run this story!


The guys up for this BJJ promotion are all blue, purple and brown belts. The attackers are given boxing gloves to wear and the person up for promotion is bare-knuckled, but clearly not allowed to strike. The action that ensues is pretty intense. Combatants mimic street fighting whilst they plow into walls and sometimes onlookers. People in the back are hollering “Knees! Knees!” over top of coach’s instruction. This is obviously intended to create an intense, real world fighting rush so that if a real fight was to occur, the student would be ready.


Please do not assume that I think that this style of promotion is wrong. I am merely saying that the videos are definitely interesting to watch (to say the least)!





Osoto Gari to Armbar, A Win In 15 Seconds




Dainis Nguyen has been a long time WBBJJ fan. He has been destroying people in competition using his judo skills in tandem with his excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Check out his latest victory which took all of 15 seconds to accomplish (the video lags for a second at the beginning). Dainis has promised us a Private Lesson Video so we can all see the fine details of the Osoto Gari/Armbar transition from the man himself! Thanks for the submission Dainis!




10 Things I Used To Do, That I Don’t Do Now That I Do BJJ




10 Things I Used To Do, That I Don’t Do Now That I Do BJJ
by Tony Peranio


When Brazilian Jiu Jitsu becomes important to you habits that used to “die hard” suddenly fall away quite naturally.


1. Get Drunk

I may still have a drink on occasion but I no longer drink to be drunk, sloppy or stupid. I didn’t drink to get like that before BJJ, but sometimes it would accidentally happen though. Drinking leads to hangovers and hangovers are horrible for your BJJ.


2. Smoke Cigarettes

I wasn’t a big time smoker but I would have a puff here and there. When a teammate smelled it in my gi and called me out I decided I had to quit permanently. Quit smoking and you will be able to roll for an hour effortlessly. Continue smoking and you will feel like you are going to die after 20 minutes of sparring, every time. Now, like all of the other non-smokers in the world I view smokers as dirty, filthy people!!


3. Date

I used to chase girls around (nothing too extreme but I am Italian). Now instead of flirting, I turn my gaze low, because dating a “BJJ civilian” would mean time and focus away from the mats. That, I cannot have. I’m sure somewhere out there is a lovely lady who is a BJJ enthusiast, physical therapist/chiropractor, chef de cuisine and humanitarian, who enjoys watching someone make memes and craft articles about BJJ all day (when not at BJJ of course). Seriously though, is that too much to ask?


4. Hang Out With Non-BJJ Friends

I really should hang out with them more, but oft times nothing productive ever comes about from it. My phone used to ring (do phones still ring?) and I would get tons of texts. After a few years of Jiu Jitsu my phone suddenly never goes off. However, if you hang out with your BJJ buddies, inevitably you will “spontaneously” bust out your grappling mats (which you have of course) and get to rolling! You can also do this with your regular friends but after a while it gets boring owning them over and over and over again.


5. Workout Just For Looks

I used to go to the gym to lift weights 5 days per week. My primary concern was looks. I’m not gonna lie, health was involved but it was more of a byproduct of working out. After taking up BJJ I began exercising differently, and with purpose. You will often see me rushing women off of the leg abduction machine so I can work my inner thigh muscles, to keep you locked in my guard tighter.


6. Train Striking

Probably like everyone else starting out in BJJ I wanted to “fight UFC bro”. I would be mad as heck (excuse my language) if we didn’t roll at the end of class. “Really? I came all the way to here to jab in a line across the gym and do crunches and then kick a heavy bag?” Then when you sparred kickboxing, people would actually punch you in the face! Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. After I threw on the gi it was nothing but collar chokes from then on out.


7. Feel Defenseless

When you practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you begin sizing up everyone in your immediate vicinity. In your mind you say, “How would I get so-and-so to the ground?” It starts getting a bit excessive when you’re like, “I bet Uncle Steve would go straight down if I double-legged him right now.” This isn’t the best way to think perhaps, but it certainly makes you feel safe. No matter how big or small these other mortals are, you say, “Pft. I would just take this s–t to the ground. Come at me bro.” After you get your blue belt you are like, “I could take out at least three of them.”


8. Eat Fast Food/Junk Food

Mickeydees aw hell naw (how’s that for being colloquial?). Chic-fil-a, no way. Chipotle though, thats okay. I literally just wrote that. I knew I should have been a rapper. Sorry for digressing. But again, when you begin doing BJJ you all-of-the-sudden want to take care of your body, so that you can hurl it into bloody warfare on the mats. Therefore fast food is a no no.


9. Watch TV

Until they come out with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu channel on FiOS or DirectTV, I’ll be watching YouTube videos about BJJ (okay you got me… I will watch Game of Thrones but that is totally it).


10. Argue With People

When you do BJJ you could have previously been the most hardened individual, but after getting choked out by people half of your size for a long enough period of time, you quickly become “strangely humble” and “particularly friendly”. It’s weird how that works.


I hope you enjoyed the read. How about you? Any life or habit changes since starting out in BJJ?



(Meme) Times Have Changed In Terms Of BJJ Rules


In the 90’s you could headbutt, bite, scratch and punch someone in the nuts! Now you have to delve into a book of bylaws to find out if you did a leglock wrong or if you’re foot has moved too slightly across someone’s hip. I’m not saying the old way was the best but if a white belt wants to slap on a kneebar then have at it hoss!





White Belt Challenges Grandmaster Relson Gracie




Sometimes white belts have bad ideas. But that’s okay because you are a white belt. However sometimes a white belt’s ideas can go horribly awry…


Today’s epic white belt bad idea goes to this one stripe white belt who thinks that he can take on an epic Grandmaster of BJJ. In this case it is red belt Relson Gracie. How about a show of hands from those who think the white belt wins this one. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (crickets)




(Meme) Thou Shalt Not Miss BJJ. It’s A Sin.


Always remember that when you miss class your team is improving beyond you, your tournament opponent is improving beyond you, and you lose that much more of an edge against someone that wants to physically harm you in a real world scenario.





Ashton Kutcher To Compete At New Jiu Jitsu Event




Ashton Kutcher is a TV and Movie Mega Star that holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rigan Machado. Any reader of this page will tell you that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners are very serious about belt ranks. Earning a belt rank in BJJ takes years for the avid practitioner, let alone the casual practitioner, therefore the rapid advancement of anyone causes eyebrows to be raised. In this video from 2010, Ashton admits that he had not had any formal martial arts training up to that point. Because of this statement (and the fact that it seems Ashton is still struggling with tying the belt), some have begun calling his skillset into question. I personally am not included among the naysayers. Rigan Machado is well respected in the Jiu Jitsu community and is not one known to “sell belts”.


Well it seems that Ashton is revving up the engines to compete at the Jiu Jitsu World League Championships on January 17th, 2015. He has been seen recently posing with Machado, and a poster promoting the event (which is among the first of it’s kind to pay it’s athletes). Those are some solid indicators that Ashton Kutcher is ready to prove to the world, that his grappling prowess is on par with that of his acting’s.


Interviewer: “Are you any good at Jiu-Jitsu?”


Ashton: “No, I’m not…Even if I was, I would never say that because some guy could just come up to me in a bar and try to test me. That usually happens when you’re a celebrity. People want to fight you (laughs).”


In regard to the tying of his belt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players at the higher levels often utilize baiting tactics and other deceptive movements to catch their opponent off guard. Could it be that Ashton is actually very good at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? and that the novice tying of the belt is intentionally done to lull his opponent into a false sense of invincibility?


You didn’t think about that one did ya? Go Ashton!



TMZ Sports Full Episode 2/13/14: Ashton Kutcher — Jiu-Jitsu Badass


Check out Ashton’s BJJ workout routine from Men’s Fitness.



BJJ. It’s Like Pizza.




BJJ. It’s Like Pizza.
by Mark Sasser


Spending 20 years as a high level athlete in a different sport before picking up Jiu Jitsu (at the age of 45) gave me plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of being competitive, and how to be better at something today than I was yesterday. This completely went out the window when I started BJJ and was being tapped out by practically everyone at my academy. I had little choice but to look for a mentor to help me make sense of this human chess game that we call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


My first private lesson was with one of the team purple belts. He hearkened me back to all of the coaches I’d ever had and how they made my previous sports make sense. Those were American sports though, not the hard-nosed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I was now attempting to learn. I was told that BJJ makes you the hammer sometimes, and the nail other times. I was told that witnessing this personally for yourself can be both shocking, and amusing.


Now let’s fast-forward to later that day. I’m suited up in my new Gi and I’m waiting on the mat for my one on one. The first thing I can remember hearing is,


“You like pizza, right?”


“Well yeah, I like pizza, but what does that have to do with anything that we are doing here?”


“Jiu Jitsu is just like pizza. I know you like pizza, so let’s get cooking!”


At this point I’m pretty sure my “BJJ pizza chef” has spent a little too much time in a triangle choke. However I wasn’t going to bail until I figured out this BJJ/pizza analogy (because I truly do like pizza). So with a raised eyebrow I gave my signature, “oh yeah”.


“BJJ”, he tells me, “is as simple as learning the elements of your favorite pizza. You have your basics which is the crust, defense the sauce, cardio is the cheese; and without all three you are left with something unsavory.” At this point he had my full attention. He rolled into the details of the toppings and how each and every move is just an ingredient. You can pick and choose which ones work to your taste an how much of each you want to put onto your pizza. But, you first had to have all of the ingredients in the fridge, and the crust has to be perfect.


Now when I train it’s a thick crust with traditional sauce, heavy cheese with some collar chokes, a mouse trap and an side of arm bars.


Just don’t expect delivery in 30 mins or less.



(Meme) It Sucks To Be Injured


It sucks to be injured! You can’t do what you love because you were hurt doing what you love! It is a part of the game though. After all, we aren’t baking cakes. If you are out there, and injured, we feel your pain. Stay strong and get well soon!