White Belts Gone Wild! Flying Armbar, Cartwheel Pass!




White Belts Gone Wild


Here are two WBBJJ.com fan submitted videos that show a couple of white belts performing at a high level! In the first video there is a flying armbar finish and the second video features a ton of action, including a cartwheel pass, all compacted into a short highlight video. Great work guys!


If you would like us to share one of your matches let us know! You don’t have to be a black belt world champion to be the spotlight on our page!


The first match features Hosein Basirian and the second match features Ray Jones.




What I Learned As A Five Year BJJ White Belt




What I Learned As A Five Year BJJ White Belt
by BJJJ1


There were several times over the years when I thought about quitting. There were days when I was getting owned by everybody on the mat, but I somehow managed to push through and made it to blue. I wanted to share some things, for the white belts out there, that made all the difference for me:


• Submit your ego. Seriously. Keep in mind that you’re there to train, not to prove.


• Try to break yourself of the “Oh well, I can’t stop this pass/sub/reversal from happening. I’m just gonna sit here and take it“- attitude. Try anyway. Struggle. If the escape you try doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work, but remember that you’re not there to prove anything. You’re there to train, so TRY. Because trying will always improve your endurance, strength, sensitivity, and experience.


• Don’t train injured.


• Ask questions. Don’t be surprised if no one gives you any kind of guidance if you keep your mouth shut the whole time.


• Be supportive of both your juniors and seniors. Set an example. You don’t need a black belt to be everybody’s favorite person to train with.


• Roll. There are too many low ranks that bounce when the mat opens up after practice. High ranks stick around and work, and low ranks that are too self-conscious to grapple wonder why high ranks are so good. Go get your ass kicked. It’s practice with your team. Get tapped out. Pick your favorite submission and go hunting. And get tapped out some more in the process.


• Don’t make excuses. BJJ is the realest, no bullshit aspect of my life. When something goes wrong on the ground it’s because either I made a mistake or I didn’t know what was happening. Both of those situations are fixed with learning.


• Share your knowledge. If something works for you and you keep hitting it on training partners, teach them what you’re doing and show them how to defend your best game. Because if your training partners learn how to defend your best game, it will either force you to improve the technique or get you to master something new.


I saw this post on r/bjj and asked the OP if I could share this with our followers. He was happy to let us share. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Marine Overcome PTSD




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Marine Overcome PTSD


Robert Consulmagno is 42 years old. His father committed suicide when he was very young and his stepfather beat both him and his mother.


Robert joined the Marines in 1991 to escape the abuse and find a purpose, but sadly, things got worse. He was always getting into fights and couldn’t get along with others. He was honorably discharged in 1996.


Next, he tried college; however, he was always fighting with professors and unable to maintain any healthy relationships, so he went looking for answers at a VA Hospital and learned he had PTSD. He also learned that he was bipolar.


Three years ago, Robert found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it has done for him, what medication couldn’t.



Please like Robert’s Facebook Athlete Page to follow his BJJ journey!


Gracie Nationals Streaming For Free This Weekend!




If submission only Jiu Jitsu that isn’t hampered by some time limit is your thing, Sherdog.com has you covered this weekend (Saturday and Sunday).


The 2015 Gracie Nationals will stream live and free on Sherdog, and will culminate with a superfight pitting Javier Vazquez against Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon.


The event takes place at the L.A. Convention Center, in Los Angeles and also features Denny Prokopos taking on Eddie Cummings.



Gracie Worlds 2015


Insane Kimura Variation Landed In Pro MMA Fight!




An insane Kimura variation was just landed in a pro MMA fight! The match took place at ROAD FC 21. The fighters were Tyrone Henderson and Hong Young-Gi.


Tyrone gets his back taken. He is then mounted. Watch the way he handles the situation in the video below. It is quite remarkable to say the least.



Drilling BJJ Is Not Killing. Relax White Belt.




Drilling BJJ Is Not Killing. Relax White Belt.


There comes a point in time during your White Belt Jiu Jitsu journey where you realize that you don’t have to resist 100% while drilling. Perhaps when you first join an academy therein lies a stigma to prove that you aren’t weak, and that you are ready to prove yourself on the field of battle. This is understandable, but please White Belt, take heed the following wisdom.


When you are “drilling” with someone and it’s your turn to play the “bad guy”, it’s your job to be a practice dummy. Sooner, rather than later, you need to learn the balance between resisting too much, and resisting too little. Doing so will allow your teammates to improve their BJJ, and your BJJ will also improve. It turns out that when you give your teammates training respect, you often times receive it in return. Contrarily, if you don’t allow me the opportunity to get my reps in, I can also be a horrible training partner.


I have literally drilled with people where it turns into a spontaneous roll session. If we are drilling armlocks from the mount position, for speed and for fortifying that attacks particular neurological pathway, you need only resist 50-70%. No one is watching. It is just you and your teammate. You lose no face in repeatedly succumbing to an attack during a drill. There is no need to show that you can reverse the position and stack me at this point in time. Everything will be ok.




Drilling is about repetition, not resistance. When you are rolling and free-sparring, you can resist 100%! If you were a cool person though, you would sometimes give a little so that everyone can have a good time. That teenager that you just wrecked will appreciate the opportunity to live to fight another day.


Don’t take this as coming from a small person whining about their size disadvantage. I am a 200lb fellow. There aren’t many people who advantageously “outweigh” me. I just find enjoyment in trying to be the best training partner that I can be, as should you.


Believe me, in the end, everyone wins.


Below is an excellent partner drilling video by Roberto Atalla that will serve to give you an idea about proper resistance.