Finishing The Triangle (For People With Short Legs)




Finishing The Triangle (For People With Short Legs)


Everyone’s body type comes with inherent strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately for people with shorter legs, or people with a larger opponent in their guard, finishing a triangle choke can prove quite difficult. The three videos below contain excellent details for helping you finish this enigmatic and elusive choke.







The 10 Best BJJ Vines Of 2014




The Best BJJ Vines Of 2014


Vine has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks in recent years. Vine allows users to upload 6 second videos to share with followers. A wealth of comedic material has been produced using this shortened video format. It did not take meme-makers long to start adding text to these video clips in order to make funny video memes.


We have compiled the 10 best BJJ vines of 2014 here for your viewing pleasure! (Click the speaker icon on each clip for audio)












Follow these pages on Vine for the best BJJ video memes:


White Belt BJJ
BJJ Mojo


White Belt BJJ Girl Beats Purple Belt




White Belt BJJ Girl Beats Purple Belt


This is 26 year old Canadian, Sarah “The Bully” Smith. She is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt that is hellbent on being a Black Belt world champion in the future. Our friend Dainis Nguyen thought you all might like to see Sarah absolutely killing it in competition as a White Belt.


In the first video you have Sarah winning her match against another female who was a purple belt at the time. The second video has Sarah earning a No Gi win in about 8 seconds.


Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming BJJ Bully!






You can connect with Sarah on Facebook and Twitter!


“Jesus Didn’t Tap.” Christian Churches Begin Supporting MMA


“Jesus Didn’t Tap.” Christian Churches Begin Supporting MMA




In a seemingly unlikely turn of events hundreds of churches have begun encouraging members to beat each other up because ‘men are made for combat’. You cannot make this stuff up folks. Christian MMA is on the way.


According to RawStory more than 700 evangelical US churches now integrate MMA (a combination of Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Thai Boxing) into their ministry programs. The phenomenon has even been featured in a recent documentary film, 2014’s Fight Church.





This tactic has been used in the past to bring men to the Church. Again according to RawStory, “The notion that MMA and Christianity are compatible bedfellows is loosely based on the ideology of Muscular Christianity, a mostly-male, Victorian-era movement that linked the gospel with physical and mental toughness. Two leaders of the movement – Charles Kingsley, a clergymen and scholar, and Thomas Hughes, a celebrated Victorian era author (and boxing coach) – sought to counter the perceived feminization of Church and to attract men to the faith.”


I’m sure the thousands of women who do BJJ and MMA are loving hearing this…


What do you all think about this one? See you on Sunday?



(Sometimes memes do come true)


Private Lesson #7 – Osoto Gari to Armbar w/ Dainis Nguyen




In the past you have seen our “Private Sessions” interviews, where we get to know various BJJ players. Now we will also be doing “Private Lessons” (you see what we did there?) videos featuring some of our favorite Jiu Jitsu personalities.


For this seventh installment of Private Lessons we are featuring Dainis Nguyen. Dainis is a Judo Black belt and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt. He has sent us numerous videos of himself seamlessly linking his Judo and Jiu Jitsu. After pleading with him for long enough I was able to convince him to do a Private Lesson video demonstrating some of his secrets. I hope you find this technique to be as helpful as I have!



Below is an example of Dainis using this technique to win a BJJ competition in 15 seconds!



Thank you Dainis Nguyen for the technique! To preview the next technique that Dainis is going to teach (in action) click here!


Connect with Dainis on your favorite social media sites:

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Twitter = @Do_ThisFitness

On The Web =


If you would like to film a Private Lessons video for us, or know someone you would like to see do a Private Lessons video. Please contact us!

Sub Only Event Saturday w/ Keenan, Kit Dale, Tonon, Nicolini




An incredible Submission only event is about to take place this coming Saturday, January 10th, 2015. Polaris Pro 1 will take place at St David’s Hall, Caridiff, South Wales. For those not in attendance the event will be available via pay-per-view, and then on-demand for 7 days afterward. The live event will stream from


The event features 20 minute matches in the style of Metamoris Pro, however unlike Metamoris, most (6 out of 8) matches will take place in the gi.


The fight card is absolutely insane! 




The rules are short and sweet unlike the IBJJF’s manual of rules.


Check out the promo videos for the event below!