Your BJJ Matches That You Sent For Us To Share




Your BJJ Matches That You Sent For Us To Share


It brings us great pleasure to be able to share your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey’s with the world! Thank you for sending in your promotion pictures, competition videos, etc. It makes us feel great that you think about us during these precious moments, and we will always be here to pass your individual stories along!


This first one takes a little while to get to the ground but the finish is well worth the wait! Logan Cook Revgear World Open match 1.


The Good Fight BJJ Maryland Open Light Heavy White Belt.


Jorge Valladares Top Game Jiu Jitsu Studio.


Yassin Takun vs Sahir Boodun – F1 BJJ Tournament (Mauritius)


If you would like for us to share some of your tournament matches in the future please send them to us here!



Poison’s Drummer Rikki Rockett Competing BJJ At Pan Ams




Poison’s Drummer Rikki Rockett Competing BJJ At Pan Ams


Many people do not know that Rikki Rockett, drummer of the famous band Poison is a second degree black belt in BJJ! Via his webpage:


“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a huge part of my life and has been for over fifteen years. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a form of Martial Arts originally based on the Japanese form and altered dramatically by Carlos Gracie and introduced as a school in 1925 in Rio, Brazil called, “Academia Gracie de Jiu-Jitsu”. Deeper origins might trace BJJ’s roots to Buddhist Monks in India much further back.


I met Brothers John Machado and Jean Jacques Machado in 1998 at a rally. After an introduction and short conversation they convinced me to visit their school and take a free class. I had roots in wrestling and some ground fighting skills and thought I’d do just fine. I got tapped out by their students more times than I can remember! I signed up the next day and have been an avid student ever since. I earned my Purple belt in the Machado Bros. school and supplemented my regular classes with private classes coached by Renato Magno who moved from Brazil with the Machado Brothers to teach BJJ. Later when Renato opened his own school, (Street Sports BJJ) I began training at that school and earned my black belt there. I currently hold a second degree black belt.” – Rikki Rockett


Check out Mr. Rockett competing at the 2010 Pan Ams below!



Rikki Rockett on Eddie Bravo Radio!




Risky Attacks Gone Wrong In MMA




Risky Attacks Gone Wrong in MMA


A simple acronym for life that generally always holds true is K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple Stupid.


I am just as guilty as anyone for sometimes trying to be too creative on the mats. People that roll with me, and my coach, will probably tell you that I am far more guilty than others for trying to be overly creative in terms of reinventing the Jiu Jitsu Wheel. I am not a professional MMA fighter though. The highlight video below shows how trying to show off and be creative can oftentimes land you in horrible position.




5 Easy Takedowns For BJJ White Belts




5 Easy Takedowns For BJJ White Belts


Many people who start practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu find themselves in academies where the sparring begins on the knees, versus standing up. This is because our art takes place primarily on the ground and it is also serves to prevent excessive injuries.


Because of this situation there exists somewhat of a stigma surrounding the art of the takedown for beginners in BJJ. Many who compete for the first time feel inclined to immediately “pull guard” and work for a sweep or a submission. Sometimes that stigma can be so intense that beginners who excel on the top, will pull guard out of fear, or lack of experience performing a proper takedown.


Here is a list of 5 safe and easy takedowns that you can begin to master right away. This list is intended for Jiu Jitsu in the gi. However, there is some technique spillover into no-gi for the “no-gi-centric” BJJ player. Enjoy!


1. The Double Leg Takedown



2. The Single Leg Takedown



3. The Foot Sweep



4. The Drop Seoi Nage



5. The Fake Guard Pull To Ankle Pick



There are hundreds of ways to take a fight to the floor. What are some of your favorites?



MMA 38 Years Before The UFC – Carlson Gracie Sr.




The sport of Mixed Martial Arts was thrust upon the scene in the US in 1993 with the birth of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. For the sport to debut as successfully as it did,  it had to arrive with a sense of polish and professionalism. The Gracie family for many years prior to 1993 were perfecting the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Brazil. Because of this, MMA had extremely technical combatants virtually from it’s inception. Many of those early fighters bore the last name “Gracie”.



(Carlson Gracie Sr.)


Check out this wildly vintage and rare match up between Carlson Gracie Sr. and Waldemar Santana. The fight took place in 1955 however the fight closely resembles today’s Mixed Martial Arts fighting! The similarities are amazingly uncanny!




Top 15 BJJ And Grappling Matches of 2014




Check out this incredible new compilation of the best BJJ and grappling matches of 2014!! Here is a list of the matches included!


1. Metamoris 4 – Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhães


2. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Marcus Buchecha vs Keenan Cornelius


3. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Felipe Pena vs Andre Galvao


4. Metamoris 4 – Saulo Ribeiro vs Rodrigo Medeiros


5. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Otavio Sousa vs Leandro Lo


6. Metamoris 3 – Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie


7. Metamoris 4 – Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen


8. IBJJF NO-GI Worlds 2014 – Keenan Cornelius vs Yuri Simões


9. World Pro Jiu Jitsu 2014 – Marcus Buchecha vs Rodolfo Vieira


10. World Pro Jiu Jitsu 2014 – Andre Galvao vs Romulo Barral


11. Metamoris 5 – Keenan Cornelius vs Yuri Simões


12. Metamoris 5 – Roberto Satoshi vs Jake Shields


13. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Leandro Lo v Keenan Cornelius


14. World Pro Jiu Jitsu 2014 – Andre Galvao vs Rodolfo Vieira


15. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Michael Langhi vs JT Torres


Enjoy the video below!




Ways That Jiu Jitsu Brings Family Closer Together


Ways That Jiu Jitsu Brings Family Closer Together


Anyone alive today will tell you that there seems to be a pronounced decline in family cohesiveness and togetherness. This is not my personal opinion (because I have not been alive long enough to see the progression take place) however it doesn’t take more than a short stroll through the history books and TV media to see that the family unit is indeed becoming further and further separated. Volumes of research have been produced on the topic and there are statistical warehouses of data that can be examined for exact numerical figures.




For this article though I would like to primarily focus on how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brings families together. Throughout this past year tons of parents have sent in their pictures, videos and stories of how they are enjoying their BJJ Journey with their children and loved ones. After having received so many fan and follower submissions I began thinking about Jiu Jitsu and the familial bond, and this is what I have come up with.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is primarily for self-defense, but it is also a game and a sport. Parents want their children to be safe and to be able to defend themselves. Children want these same things, but they want to play games and enjoy sports as well. Jiu Jitsu satisfies all of these needs in one fell swoop. Boys, girls, men and women can all benefit from and be successful with BJJ, and all of these rival factions can compete against each other. This is one of the main factors influencing BJJ and familial togetherness, is the fact that they can do it together, and yet against each other. Life is full of ironies.



(Dad enjoying last roll with his son as a white belt)


Sometimes a parent will take their child to Jiu Jitsu for such a long time that their own curiosities are awakened. Perhaps they decide they would like to be a more knowledgeable coach for their child. Perhaps they want to make sure that their child doesn’t become physically able to discipline them, instead of the other way around. “No Dad. I was telling you that I am borrowing the car, not asking.” Conversely on other occasions, the child may come to watch Dad or Mom do BJJ, and then they become curious and interested. The bottom line is, it’s hard to watch a room full of people doing Jiu Jitsu, without eventually wanting to try it out for yourself.



(Mom and daughter BJJ team)


Now that the family is doing Jiu Jitsu together, there is always something to talk about! There is always something to relate to. It is never a drag to go on vacations together because vacations usually revolve around BJJ tournaments!


The same holds true for BJJ couples. Inevitably your Jiu Jitsu practicing mate is going to insist that they try out a move on you. You realize that if you don’t learn to love this martial art, your relationship with this person is probably doomed because of their obsession. Every time you go to hug your boyfriend or girlfriend, they will be vying for double underhooks or some strange sequence of positioning that you do not understand. Sometimes they may even inadvertently go for the submission win and eventually you will find yourself saying, “I should really learn how to defend that.”



(First father/son blue belts at my academy)


The family that does Jiu Jitsu together, stays together. They enjoy their time together. They share a vast amount of commonalities. Everyone eats healthy, lives a healthy lifestyle and lives happily ever after.


What do you think? Do you know of any families like the Gracie Family? Where practically everyone does Jiu Jitsu?


Check out some more pictures that we have been sent below!



(Daniel V. and 10 year old daughter’s white belts)



(Coach “PA” George McGinnis and son)



(Brent A. with his daughter, son and Relson Gracie)



Dylan’s Gift: Jiu Jitsu, Christmas and Giving Back 2014




Dylan’s Gift: Jiu Jitsu, Christmas and Giving Back 2014


This 8 year old BJJ White Belt has a killer armbar, killer transitions and a tremendous desire to help people and spread happiness. As part of his leadership project, young Dylan (with the help of his father Jeremiah) was able to amass toys and give them out to hospitalized children who perhaps might not have received any gifts at all this year for Christmas.


You are an inspiration to us all Dylan! Keep doing what you are doing! OSS!




Digital Grappling Is Finally Here!




Nic Gregoriades of Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood has been working for a long time to bring you this handy digital grappling tool. It is especially useful for beginners trying to figure out what to do in specific situations. Your options change with each roll. Your correct actions are rewarded with points and eventually a submission, and your bad decisions yield bad positions to work out of, or you will be submitted! Clear goals are laid out which allow you to advance in belt ranks.


You can try it out with just an email address and for a limited time you can sign up for under $5 dollars for one month! Check out the demo video below. Click here to try it out!