Remembering Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker (Brown Belt)




It was on this fateful day one year ago that we lost a great man. Paul Walker was not only a BJJ Brown Belt and beloved star, but he was also the founder of Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), an organization that assists victims of catastrophic events that occur around the world. He was 40 years young.


Paul Walker was widely known for his starring role in the Fast and Furious Franchise. It was lesser known that he was among the many stars who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He had made it to the brown belt level before his untimely death in an egregious car accident. He was awarded his black belt posthumously.


He may be gone, but his name lives on in honor!


Slap? Bump? Nope. Double Leg!!




The desire to win is intrinsic to human nature, however sometimes it can manifest itself in rather malodorous ways. All of us who practice Jiu Jitsu share a general camaraderie with one another to the extent that when we face an “opponent”, we can see in their eyes someone who has wrangled with the same hardships that we have. That mutual recognition bequeaths us treat each other with a mutual level of respect; generally speaking.


One of the first lessons we share with the brand new white belt is the slap-and-bump before beginning combat. It is a simple gesture that represents the notion that, “We are friends, and now we do battle.”


In this recent BJJ match that went to sudden death overtime, one of the competitors in the heat-of-the-moment, forgot our code of sportsmanlike conduct. I’m sure it was a spur of the moment error and accidental, however this video can serve as a lesson to white belts, that winning, is not worth a loss of honor.



What do you think? Was this a deliberate unsportsmanlike action or a heat-of-the-moment accident?


They Don’t Make Jiu Jitsu Commercials Like This Anymore




Spreading the word about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu used to be done in a manner that varies greatly from today’s internet marketing strategies. Jiu Jitsu spread by word of mouth via the testimonials of those who either saw Gracie Challenge VHS tapes, or by those who witnessed the challenges in person. The video below is a prime example of this martial arts propagation methodology. In the video Gracie Jiu Jitsu Legend Pedro Sauer shares a bare-knuckle brawl with gargantuan bodybuilder Lance Batchelor. I don’t want to spoil the video for you, but I will tell you that Lance would not be doing any “Mr. Utah” competitions for a few weeks after the fight.


BTW I love the time stamp of 8:56 in the morning. “Wake up fellas. There is a fight to be had today.”



What are some of your favorite Gracie Challenge videos?


WBBJJ Black Friday Deals


We probably have the smallest store in all of BJJ. Todd and I are way better at entertaining then we are at selling things. Proof being that you probably don’t even know that we have a store. That being said, we have come up with some “exciting” and “obligatory” Black Friday deals for you! You can begin taking advantage of these deals at midnight tonight! All deals will be first come first serve and if to many of you begin buying stuff…(I’m so sure right?)…we reserve the right to pull the deal. It’s not like we are sitting on a massive inventory ya know?


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Test Your BJJ Political Affiliation! Which are you?




The Republican:

– Believes that BJJ is more for self-defense rather than sport.

– Is more of a pressure passer than a guard player; feels uncomfortable on their back.

– Will only wear a white gi with plenty of corporate patches.

– Is proficient with takedowns.

– Never lends out their athletic tape, thinks everyone should have their own.

– Always wears a rashguard.


The Democrat:

– Practices BJJ more for sport, rather than for self-defense.

– Is more of a guard player rather than a passer, comfortable on their back.

– Will wear any color gi, sometimes mixing pant and jacket colors. Patches may have messages intended to provoke others.

– Not so good with takedowns; will generally pull guard and work off of their back.

– Believes that the gym should charge extra to supply water and athletic tape to everyone in class.

– Tend to wear funny rashguards and/or graphic tees under the gi.


The Libertarian:

– Practices BJJ simply because they are free to do so.

– Lets the other person choose whether to play guard, or take the top.

– Wears white, black, blue or more particularly; a camouflaged gi. Doesn’t like many patches, if any.

– Will pull guard or go for the takedown; so long as no one forces them to do either.

– Has a solid base of fundamentals, enhanced by YouTube.

– Never wears a rashguard (men).


The Anarchist:

– Thinks you should mind your business about why they do Jiu Jitsu.

– Always ends up in crazy positions, broadly forsaking fundamentals.

– Wears outrageously colored gis; namely red and green, and early batch shoyoroll gis.

– Likes to go for judo throws that they have never practiced before.

– Never attempts the techniques that Professor taught in class.

– Creates new techniques; and gives old techniques new names.


Which category do you mostly fall under? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, Vine, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik or Tinder! Oops wait. We aren’t on Tinder.



Tony Peranio WBBJJ


Nick Diaz Vs Roy Dean, Metamoris 6 Potential




MMA Legend Nick Diaz and the renowned Roy Dean faced each other in BJJ when they were at the blue belt level. It was a rough-and-tumble match that ended 6-2 in favor of Diaz. While watching the match I was thinking of how difficult it must have been for the ref to score the constant action! This was a great roll by two gentlemen who are excellent black belts today.


Rematch at Metamoris 6 perhaps? Thoughts?