Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Marine Overcome PTSD




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Marine Overcome PTSD


Robert Consulmagno is 42 years old. His father committed suicide when he was very young and his stepfather beat both him and his mother.


Robert joined the Marines in 1991 to escape the abuse and find a purpose, but sadly, things got worse. He was always getting into fights and couldn’t get along with others. He was honorably discharged in 1996.


Next, he tried college; however, he was always fighting with professors and unable to maintain any healthy relationships, so he went looking for answers at a VA Hospital and learned he had PTSD. He also learned that he was bipolar.


Three years ago, Robert found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it has done for him, what medication couldn’t.



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Gracie Nationals Streaming For Free This Weekend!




If submission only Jiu Jitsu that isn’t hampered by some time limit is your thing, has you covered this weekend (Saturday and Sunday).


The 2015 Gracie Nationals will stream live and free on Sherdog, and will culminate with a superfight pitting Javier Vazquez against Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon.


The event takes place at the L.A. Convention Center, in Los Angeles and also features Denny Prokopos taking on Eddie Cummings.



Gracie Worlds 2015


Insane Kimura Variation Landed In Pro MMA Fight!




An insane Kimura variation was just landed in a pro MMA fight! The match took place at ROAD FC 21. The fighters were Tyrone Henderson and Hong Young-Gi.


Tyrone gets his back taken. He is then mounted. Watch the way he handles the situation in the video below. It is quite remarkable to say the least.



Drilling BJJ Is Not Killing. Relax White Belt.




Drilling BJJ Is Not Killing. Relax White Belt.


There comes a point in time during your White Belt Jiu Jitsu journey where you realize that you don’t have to resist 100% while drilling. Perhaps when you first join an academy therein lies a stigma to prove that you aren’t weak, and that you are ready to prove yourself on the field of battle. This is understandable, but please White Belt, take heed the following wisdom.


When you are “drilling” with someone and it’s your turn to play the “bad guy”, it’s your job to be a practice dummy. Sooner, rather than later, you need to learn the balance between resisting too much, and resisting too little. Doing so will allow your teammates to improve their BJJ, and your BJJ will also improve. It turns out that when you give your teammates training respect, you often times receive it in return. Contrarily, if you don’t allow me the opportunity to get my reps in, I can also be a horrible training partner.


I have literally drilled with people where it turns into a spontaneous roll session. If we are drilling armlocks from the mount position, for speed and for fortifying that attacks particular neurological pathway, you need only resist 50-70%. No one is watching. It is just you and your teammate. You lose no face in repeatedly succumbing to an attack during a drill. There is no need to show that you can reverse the position and stack me at this point in time. Everything will be ok.




Drilling is about repetition, not resistance. When you are rolling and free-sparring, you can resist 100%! If you were a cool person though, you would sometimes give a little so that everyone can have a good time. That teenager that you just wrecked will appreciate the opportunity to live to fight another day.


Don’t take this as coming from a small person whining about their size disadvantage. I am a 200lb fellow. There aren’t many people who advantageously “outweigh” me. I just find enjoyment in trying to be the best training partner that I can be, as should you.


Believe me, in the end, everyone wins.


Below is an excellent partner drilling video by Roberto Atalla that will serve to give you an idea about proper resistance.



Top 10 Excuses To Use When Tapped Out By A White Belt




It can happen to anyone. When it does happen it is mortifying and horrific. You just got tapped out by a white belt.


You need to quickly come up with an excuse before being subject to ridicule from your coach and/or teammates. As also, you simply cannot allow a loathsome white belt the satisfaction of knowing that they beat you fair and square.


Below are my top 10 favorite excuses to give when a white belt taps me out. Enjoy.


1. I had a long, tiring day at work.


2. I was testing out my defense.


3. I’m really sore from working out at the gym (or from doing crossfit).


4. The mat was slippery so I lost my footing when trying to hip escape.


5. I was hoping coach would see, so he would know that you are improving and promote you.


6. I was just checking to see if you knew how to finish that submission. Nice job!


7. I saw your kids (wife, husband, friend) watching us roll and wanted them to see you beating up a higher level belt.


8. I rolled with coach tonight and he totally drained all of my energy.


9. I didn’t have time to tell you but what you did was illegal under IBJJF rules. (“You were reaping the knee” works well, or “your fingers were inside of my sleeves” is another good one.)


10. Wow. Looks like I can’t keep it playful with you anymore!


Memorizing these excuses and implementing them into your game will prove as invaluable as shrimping back to guard. Take it from this blue belt! You will thank me later!


Anderson Silva And Nick Diaz Fail Drug Tests For UFC 183




It seems that both UFC 183 headliners have failed their pre-fight drug tests. Nick Diaz for marijuana and Anderson Silva for a steroid that is used in cutting weight.


Official statement from the UFC reads as follows:


“On February 3, 2015, the UFC organization was notified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that Anderson Silva tested positive for Drostanolone metabolites on his Jan. 9 out of competition drug test,” read a UFC statement.


UFC’s understanding is that further testing will be conducted by the commission to confirm these preliminary results.


Anderson Silva has been an amazing champion and a true ambassador of the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC, in Brazil as well as around the world. We are disappointed to learn of these initial results.”


Anderson Silva not only tested positive for Drostanolone metabolites in a January 9th out-of-competition drug test, but traces of the banned substance Androsterone were also found in the legendary champion’s system, according to Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) executive director, Bob Bennett.


Drostanolone is a common form of anabolic steroid. Androsterone is a form of endogenous testosterone. Both substances are banned according to the World Anti-Doping Agency code.


Silva, 39, defeated Diaz via unanimous decision on January 31st at UFC 183. According to Bennett, Silva was tested out-of-competition on January 9th, then January 19th with an in-competition test. Another in-competition test was administered on January 31st. Silva passed the latter two tests according to Bennett.


“I think it’s very unfortunate,” Bennett told‘s Ariel Helwani. “The UFC have made a tremendous effort to level the playing field in their fight against Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Credit goes to them for doing the right thing based on principles and they continue to support our out-of-competition drug testing efforts.


“You can’t lose sight of all the other athletes that do what they are supposed to do and fight cleanly. The UFC deserves a great deal of credit for supporting the PED challenge that we currently have. It’s just unfortunate for all of us.


Bennett added that the NAC’s new objective will be to receive out-of-competition drug test results within a week, and that the commission is at this point not aware of Silva failing any other tests other than the one administered on January 9th.


The last two UFC events have been riddled with shocking failed drug tests; Jon Jones for cocaine, Anderson Silva for steroids and Nick Diaz for marijuana (okay Nick Diaz on weed isn’t very shocking). What in the world is going on over there at the UFC? If we find out Ronda Rousey is on heroin after UFC 184 I don’t think I am watching anymore.


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