5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Jiu-Jitsu in 2018


It is a brand new year once again. It is a great time for fresh starts and new beginnings. That being said, what are some things that you can do to improve your Jiu-Jitsu skills in 2018?

1) Train more – This is the most obvious thing you can do to help your Jiu-Jitsu in 2018. Get in those rolls. Get those reps and mileage. Ask your coach questions. Being consistent is key. Even if you can only come to class once per week, be sure to be at every single class.

2) Compete – You see others doing it. You see the joy it brings them. Why not give it a shot if you never have before? Even if you do not like the sport of Jiu-Jitsu competing will instill a confidence in you that will be useful were you to ever need it in a self-defense situation. You don’t have to compete in the IBJJF there are plenty of smaller local tournaments in just about every town if you keep your eyes opened for them.

3) Go to seminar – The beauty of our sport is that we can learn directly from the gurus of our game. Virtually NO Jiu-Jitsu personality/celebrity is unavailable to train with. So why not go learn from them? Follow your favorite players and see when they will be in a town near to you. The things that you learn from a seminar will stay with you forever.

4) Take a private lesson – There is nothing like one-on-one time with your coach. Usually you will have to pay extra for your instructor’s time. The cost return is massive however. Your coach can tell you specifically what you are not doing or need to start doing. It is literally a BJJ class tailor fitted for you.

5) Drill more – Drillers become killers. Stay after class and drill with others. It is one thing to be able to perform a move but it is a whole other level when that move is part of your muscle memory. This point ties in closely with point #1, Train more. To get better at Jiu-Jitsu a person has to put in the time. Showing up to class and talking for an hour is not going to get you anywhere. It is what you do and how you are focused while you are in the class!

Good luck in your Jiu-Jitsu journey and have a Happy New Year!



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