5 Easy Takedowns For BJJ White Belts




5 Easy Takedowns For BJJ White Belts


Many people who start practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu find themselves in academies where the sparring begins on the knees, versus standing up. This is because our art takes place primarily on the ground and it is also serves to prevent excessive injuries.


Because of this situation there exists somewhat of a stigma surrounding the art of the takedown for beginners in BJJ. Many who compete for the first time feel inclined to immediately “pull guard” and work for a sweep or a submission. Sometimes that stigma can be so intense that beginners who excel on the top, will pull guard out of fear, or lack of experience performing a proper takedown.


Here is a list of 5 safe and easy takedowns that you can begin to master right away. This list is intended for Jiu Jitsu in the gi. However, there is some technique spillover into no-gi for the “no-gi-centric” BJJ player. Enjoy!


1. The Double Leg Takedown



2. The Single Leg Takedown



3. The Foot Sweep



4. The Drop Seoi Nage



5. The Fake Guard Pull To Ankle Pick



There are hundreds of ways to take a fight to the floor. What are some of your favorites?