WBBJJ Black Friday Deals

  We probably have the smallest store in all of BJJ. Todd and I are way better at entertaining then we are at selling things. Proof being that you probably … Continue Reading →


(Meme) Advice For Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving BJJ tip!    


Test Your BJJ Political Affiliation! Which are you?

    The Republican: – Believes that BJJ is more for self-defense rather┬áthan sport. – Is more of a pressure passer than a guard player; feels uncomfortable on their back. … Continue Reading →


(Meme) This Could Be Us At Christmas

  Awesome fan submitted photo that we meme’d for them! BJJ makes happy Christmas couples!    


Nick Diaz Vs Roy Dean, Metamoris 6 Potential

    MMA Legend Nick Diaz and the renowned Roy Dean faced each other in BJJ when they were at the blue belt level. It was a rough-and-tumble match that … Continue Reading →


(Meme) I Think This White Belt Has Trained Before

  Did they come from Judo? Wrestling perhaps?    


Rory MacDonald Flying Leg Scissor Against JT Torres

    Who: Rory MacDonald vs JT Torres What: Flying Leg Scissor Where: Southern California, Metamoris 5 When: November 22, 2014   Around 13 minutes into Rory MacDonald and JT … Continue Reading →


5 Problems That Metamoris Needs To Address

    1) Bring back matches in the gi.   – What the heck in the universe are you thinking by completely abandoning BJJ in the gi?! We were surprised … Continue Reading →


New Promotions!

  Congratulations to all of those who were recently promoted! Keep up the hard work!    


(Meme) It’s Not Like Karate

  It’s not so much a poke at Karate as it is a comical representation of the disdain for the ignorant who assume that every martial art, is like karate. … Continue Reading →