Should I Give Up Everything To Be A BJJ Athlete?

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New Jiu Jitsu World League Event + High Def Highlight

    The second Jiu Jitsu World League has been announced! This one is taking place in Las Vegas on May 9th, 2015. There is not much more information available … Continue Reading →


Black Belt Poses As White Belt And Destroys A Class

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A Fireside Chat About “The Accidental Fart” – Lauren LaCourse

  (Emily Kwok and Lauren)   A Fireside Chat About “The Accidental Fart” – Lauren LaCourse   I think it’s high time we had a talk: the accidental fart talk.   … Continue Reading →


I’ve Seen 1000 People Quit Jiu Jitsu In 7 Years

    This video from a Black Belt ceremony captures the feeling of a Jiu Jitsu teacher who truly cares about his students. An emotional Felipe Guedes of Gracie Barra … Continue Reading →


15 Great Matches From The 2015 IBJJF European Open + Complete Results

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A Kids Article On Training For Pan Kids Championships

  I am Michael Garlington. I am 13 years old and am from Annapolis, Maryland, near the United States Naval Academy. I have grown up here my whole life. I … Continue Reading →


Never Try To Heckle Joe Rogan At His Comedy Shows

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(Meme) Carrying Around A Little Extra Winter Weight?

  My response when my BJJ friends point their accusatory fingers.     Make sure to follow us on Instagram to never miss a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu meme!  


2015 IBJJF Europeans Streaming For Free Right Now

    Get this weekend’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu action by watching the IBJJF’s live free streaming event of the 2015 European Championships! The streaming video is below!   [UPDATE] … Continue Reading →